Mahira Khan Break Social Media

Mahira Khan Takes A Break From Social Media, Gives Advice to Fans


The current year, 2020 is undoubtedly serving the world as its worst nightmare with a lot of chaos and uncertainty every day. Wherever we see, be it mainstream or social media, it seems like that there is nothing positive happening around.

Beginning from the deadly coronavirus to the recent demise of Bollywood’s legendary artists, this year has shown it all. With all the negativity going on, recently, one of Pakistan’s well-known actress has decided to take a step back. Late on Wednesday, Mahira Khan announced on her official Twitter that its time, she takes a break from social media to calm down.

Check out Mahira Khan’s latest tweet

Having several huge achievements to her name, the actress has stayed out of the social light previously as well. Last month, Following the Khalil-Ur-Rehman controversy, Mahira also expressed her views in favor of women. However, the actress had to temporarily deactivate her Twitter account after facing severe backlash from fans and followers on her stance.

Fans send love and prayers for Mahira Khan

Well, this time, it isn’t something violent but a self-evolving step taken by Mahira Khan after analyzing the current conditions. With valuable advice for fans, Khan announced her departure from the social world.

”Taking a break from social media, for a little bit. In times such as these ( and otherwise) just remember – Sabr, Shukr, and Tawakul”, she wrote.

Soon after the post went up, immense love and prayers from fans started to pour in. Many even asked her to return soon as they will miss their favorite actress.

Undoubtedly, Mahira Khan is one of the most followed celebrities of Pakistan holding massive numbers on her social platforms. As per recent reports, the actress is currently having more than 5 million followers on her official Instagram. Apart from Mahira Khan, another Pakistani actress, Aiman Khan is also in line with the same number of followers.

Last year’s huge achievement

Among her achievements, last year, Mahira Khan also made it to the top 10 sexiest Asian female list alongside Mehwish Hayat. The list even had several Bollywood actresses such as the ravishing beauty Deepika Padukone. Acing the list was b-town’s cutie Alia Bhatt who was flattered to receive such amazing response from her admirers.

As of now, Mahira Khan’s sudden break from social media has stirred a debate online to find the reason behind. The actress didn’t mention it clearly but the fans seem to understand and respect her decision.

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