Mahira Khan's Second Marriage Expecting a Second Child

Mahira Khan’s Second Marriage: Expecting a Second Child?


Recent rumors circulate as a Reddit post suggests that Mahira Khan might be expecting her second child, causing a stir among fans. Known for her stellar performances in dramas and Bollywood films, Mahira got married to businessman Salim Karim in October 2023. The post hints at her taking a step back from Netflix’s Jo Bachey Sang Samait Lo and another unnamed film, possibly due to the reported pregnancy. While an official announcement is awaited, the post speculates the baby’s arrival around August or September, emphasizing that Mahira’s celebrity status might make it challenging to keep it lowkey.

Mahira Khan, previously married to Ali Askari, with whom she shares a son, Azlan, has openly discussed her amicable relationship with her ex-husband and his second family. This news adds another chapter to Mahira’s personal journey, leaving fans eager for any potential official confirmation from the celebrated actress.

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