Mahira Khan Named As UNHCR's Goodwill Ambassador For Pakistan


UNHCR announce Mahira as goodwill ambassador

Mahira Khan Named As UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassador For Pakistan


The queen of Pakistan’s entertainment industry has once again been crowned internationally. This time, Mahira Khan has been named as UNHCR’s goodwill ambassador for Pakistan.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) made the official announcement on their Twitter account. This laud comes for Mahira on the back of many such similar achievements.

The UNHCR made the announcement saying: “We’re delighted to announce that @themahirakhan is our newest Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan.” Along with the update, the UNHCR also shared Mahira’s video. Mahira, in the video, speaks about the cause of refugees and her passions.

She says: “Pakistan has set an example for the world. The country has hosted refugees for the last 40 years. Four decades. This is one cause because I feel so strongly about it, especially as Pakistan’s UNHCR national goodwill ambassador.”

Mahira talks about resilient refugees in Pakistan

Mahira further adds that despite what these refugees residing in Pakistan went through, it was amazing to see how they overcame all their troubles. Managed to keep smiles on their faces. And moved on, powerfully. In addition, Mahira talked about the resilience of refugees residing in Pakistan, most of whom belong to Afghanistan.

The brand new UNHCR ambassador spoke about these refugees leaving their lives behind, defying all odds and yet being hopeful for a better tomorrow. This is something exactly what the UNHCR stands and works for. The govt. of Pakistan supports refugees as well, only recently a scholarship for 3000 Afghan students was announced.

Furthermore, the Raees starlet stated that all we need to do is not give up. For the refugees, not to give up on hope. And for us, to not give up on the refugees. She spoke about UNHCR and generally, the refugee cause, not being limited to any country. It was a global phenomenon and it needs addressing and work.

‘Grateful and honored’

Once the news was confirmed, Mahira Khan took to her Twitter to quote-reply UNHCR’s tweet. She wrote: “Grateful and honored to be a @Refugees goodwill ambassador for Pakistan. Proud to be born to a motherland that has opened its arms to refugees for over 40 years.”

Moreover, if somebody from Pakistan deserved to have this laurel, exceptionally, it would be Mahira Khan. As one of Pakistan’s most seasoned actresses and sane voices, Mahira has never shied away from taking responsibility. It is quite evident that her new role as a UNHCR ambassador for Pakistan will require a lot of that.

A few days back, a video went viral on the internet where Mahira Khan was seen grooving to a classical song at a Mehndi function. She shared the stage with designer HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin), Feeha Jamshed and Kamiar Rokni.

Even though social media has tried to stir up controversies against Mahira Khan, the single mother remains unnerved and rightly so. Last but not least, the future seems bright for Mahira Khan who had once said she dreamed of helping others for as long as she breathed.

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