These Recent Pics Of Mahnoor Baloch Make Her Look Younger Than Ever And We Think She’s Immortal!

Stepping into the industry of showbiz and entertainment, every person knows how the lifestyle is going to change completely and that means looking smart and presentable all the time. Some of the things include “stop-aging”! Lol! No. You don’t have to drink Ab-e-hayat to become a model or an actress for that matter.

But yes, we all know how important it is to “maintain” yourself when you are in the entertainment business. Also, among other things include socializing and networking. I mean, talent recognition is obviously a thing, but here, it really doesn’t work that way. You will have to make yourself available in multiple social gatherings to be noticeable enough.

In the old times, there was less content, fewer channels and very fewer mediums for the artists. But now the world is open! The internet is open for everyone, everywhere.

In the times of our parents, which is pre-millennials colonization; there were only PTV and a handful of dramas that everyone used to watch.

One of the few dramas, include “Ainak Wala Jin” and “Marvi”! And then, in almost every drama, we would find our very favorite, Mahnoor Baloch!

She was beautiful then and beautiful now. Many people named their daughters and granddaughters “Mahnoor” in hopes that they too would turn this beautiful! LOL!

Now, after soooo long, here is Mahnoor Baloch’s public appearance and people are ecstatic with joy!

She was there at the launch event of a restaurant and boy oh boy, everyone started taking selfies with her and people were shocked to see her still SO YOUNG!

Isn’t it? Just look at her

She’s so youthful! Not to forget that she is a grandmother now!

Yes, people! If we were there, we too would have glued her eyes on her!

Ahhh!!! She’s such a pleasing sight to watch. So graceful, so beautiful.

After her photos were making rounds on the internet, people were beyond happy to see her after so long!

She definitely has drank elixer! Or rather she’s found the secret fountain of youth!

Sem to sem gurrlll! Feelings are mutual.

All time favorite! Ever beautiful

No one would believe it, kasam sy! But she is.

She last appeared in the movie called, “Main Hu Shahid Afridi” and before that, she was in the drama serial “Noor Bano”!

She’s always been very graceful, she’s never been into any scandal or whatsoever! Just love her!

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