These 6 Major Creepy Things Are a Sure Way to Avoid a Relationship with Someone


These 6 Major Creepy Things Are a Sure Way to Avoid a Relationship with Someone


There are signs of buzzkills; there are signs of turn-offs and then there are signs of creepy behavior when you start getting romantically involved with someone. The thing with having a relationship is that you need to make sure it keeps your sanity on track. Getting in a relationship means being with some different from you, but also a bit similar so that you both stand on the same page and understand one another.

However, sometimes people can be EXTREMELYYY creepy and well, it may be alarming too.

While One May Find These Things ‘Cute’, Here Are Some Alarming and Creepy Signs Of Someone You Surely Should Avoid Having a Relationship With

1. They Are Always Checking the Last Time You Were Online

You are allowed to have your social life the way you want it to be, isn’t that right? These are the same people who would remind you continuously when you were online and you weren’t replying them. While it may seem cute at first, with the passage of time when you are all choked up, you’d really want to have a space of your own.

2. They Want to Mingle With Your Friends

If it is a serious relationship, knowing each other’s friends and their company is fine. Meeting them once in a while is fine as well…but being with them everytime YOU go to see YOUR friends? That’s just creepy. You are allowed to have your space, your friends, your inside jokes and your time with your friends. Why does he/she have to be so involved in your life?

3. Putting Too Much of You On Social Media

I am all up for social media display of love (modern PDA, I know), but like ALL THE TIME? It is like they are in a relationship with you just to show it to the internet. It seems super creepy; do they not have any other loved ones or friends to share?

4. Putting Up Relationship Private Stuff On the Internet/Sharing With Friends world??

Sure, you can tell some things to your close friends (if needed), but why share it on social media?

5. Them Trying to Change You

Creepy partners try to become your parents or something. They think you need some changes and they will try to impose them on you. Believe me, if a person feels they need to change, they will do it for the love and care they have for you. Forcing them won’t bring you any good. And these creepy ones usually force you.

6. They Tell You About the Creepy Things They Want to Do


And it all happens too soon. They start telling you about their fetishes, their fantasies and what not and it is just too soon for you to digest.

So well, these are some extremely creepy signs you need to stay aware of when it comes to being with a creepy person. They are just a BIG no-no.

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