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Masroor Zaidi2 days

Here are 4 Common Reasons for an Unsuccessful Marital Life

Marriage is an institution where two families come close to making a third one. A happy marriage is a myth. ...

Atif Ali Ishrat1 week

“Is this what I want?” – Questions That Pop Up In Your Mind While Walking Down The Aisle

At last the big day finally arrives. The sun shining, the wedding bells chiming, the choir singing, the priest reciting, ...

Madiha1 week

Here’s how a Cancer Guy is the Perfect Match for a Capricorn Girl!

‘Negative poles attract each other’, truly suitable for cancer and the Capricorn. As ‘diamond’ makes a beautiful combination with ‘gold’, ...

Fatima Naz1 week

Does life really Change After Marriage or it’s just something Society tells us about?

You get too used to of your single life and then suddenly the ”I” becomes ”We”. Now you have to ...

Atif Ali Ishrat2 weeks

The Unusual Couple of a Sailor and the Ship!

He realized there was something wrong, she kept going a different route even though he had a firm hold on ...

Fizza Batool2 weeks

Sister Rivalry: They Can’t Live With Or Without it But it’s All Out of Love

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. She is your best friend since ...

Fatima Naz2 weeks

So is it True that Only Playboys Stay Friends with their Exes?

Okay, you found a guy who is different from others, he’s saying all the right things and it feels like ...

Fatima Naz2 weeks

5 Things To Always Remember When Your Friends Get Engaged

You never thought that time would come, one of your besties or friends will break away from the pack and ...

Fatima Naz2 weeks

5 Lucky Zodiac Signs That Will Have The Best Year Of Romance In 2018

Love life. Can zodiac predict love life? Although love has no exact definition, everyone feels it differently. However, it is ...

ayesha.shamsi2 weeks

Here’s why People in Pakistan Stay in Loveless Marriages

You’ve seen one, heard of one or been in one: A Loveless marriage. A true fact is many people see ...

Fatima Naz4 weeks

Here are 7 Ways to get over your Crush Who is Not Worth it

So, you are going with the flow and suddenly, unintentionally you crush on someone. It happens with everyone. You first ...

Momina Naveed1 month

Here’s how Media Levels up Your Expectations of Relationships and ultimately ruin them

The two forever conflicting M’s; Marriage and Media, can never go hand in hand. Boys and girls all around the ...

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