Mansha Pasha Schools A Troll After He Questioned Her Religious Values And Damn, What A Comeback!


Mansha Pasha is one of the most well-renowned actresses of Pakistan and her work speaks for itself. The Zindagi Gulzar Hai actress rules the hearts of many.

Pasha, who won the hearts of the masses with her latest release ‘Laal Kabootar’ recently appeared to a media festival along with fellow actors Hareem Farooq and Osman Khalid Butt for sharing her views about women representation in the film industry.

Speaking at the event, the actor highlighted an important issue about films in cinemas attending and focusing on a certain class of audiences.

Pasha stated, “films are being made for an upper-middle-class audience, who can afford expensive tickets, therefore the women in the film are a lot more progressive than the women we see on TV.”

Social Diary

After the event, the actress was bashed on social media which is now news flash and by now all the celebs are quite immune to this. Some choose to keep it hush and others speak their hearts out like Rabia Butt and Armeena Khan.

Anyway, the actress was trolled by a social media user as he tweeted: “Mansha Pasha, I saw you attended that conference with Osman Khalid Butt and Hareem Farooq. To make it clear to you, those who break the laws of Islam – which the entire showbiz does – will always be judged, discouraged and will never get acceptance ever.”

In response to the above tweet, Pasha responded and stated, “I think people who follow and write to us sinners are also sinning. I suggest you secure your afterlife by swiftly unfollowing. God bless.”

Mahira Khan lauded Pasha in her tweet

Another user wrote “so happy to see you all demonstrate courage in your statements. For the rest please understand Only God is perfect, rest are all sinners.”

People were glad how Pasha clapped back at this troll


One more user wrote, “Zabardast. I have seen this man on commenting on others too. Ignore him”

Meanwhile, Manal Faheem Khan raised her voice on how women in showbiz are treated, commenting on issues from the session, she wrote, “Osman Khalid Butt was called a “gender traitor” for supporting Meesha Shafi. This lends insight into how matters of inappropriate behavior become about men vs women instead of victim vs perpetrator. Men in the industry aren’t encouraged to support women who may have been mistreated.”

To her, Pasha wrote, “from stole my husband from my best friend and cheated on my fiancee, to jab Me Too hota hai ussi waqt kiyon nahi boltein, to quotes from Uncle Ben and your friendly neighborhood spider-man. The women of this industry need to step up and learn to speak better.”

It’s just high time trolls listen to the side of the story of every celeb who they are putting under a rada and attempting to bash. Pasha clapped back to this troll due to high frustration (or it seems like it) since everyone has a say and can always defend themselves regardless of where they stand as an individual.

What’s your take on this?

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