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Mawra Is ‘OK’ With Lahori Men Harassing Her But Pakistani Women Have A Problem


An interview has surfaced online where Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane can be seen saying that she doesn’t mind getting harassed or teased by the Lahori men. According to her, harassing is part of the Lahori fun culture.

During the morning show with Nida Yasir, Mawra was asked if someone had ever hit on her and how she reacted to it. Mawra said she enjoyed getting harassed by Lahori men as its all fun.

Ye to Lahore ka fun hai. Cher rahy hain garion main tez music lagaya hai [That’s Lahore fun culture. Boys harassing girls on the road with loud music in the car]. That’s the feel of Lahori Eid. I don’t mind,” she said.

Though Mawra made a controversial statement in a light fun mood, still it doesn’t suit an influential personality to promote the harassment culture.

Pakistanis calling out Mawra for glorifying harassment culture

However, as soon as the interview went viral, people are bashing her for making an insensitive comment over a serious issue.

Moreover, this is not the first time she made the stupid comment on a serious problem prevailing in Pakistan. Earlier, Mawra along with her sister Urwa had claimed that ‘bad food’ is the major cause of depression. The sister duo made an ill-informed comment on a severe illness that has taken countless lives due to the deep-rooted sadness.

Though Mawra holds a prestigious LLB degree and officially a lawyer by the qualification, still her choice of words usually lands her in trouble. She has been trolled several times due to her comments and Twitter posts.

Furthermore, this harassment is a serious issue in Pakistan and should not be encouraged in any manner. We hope that Mawra Hocane along with others whoever thinks that it’s fun and enjoyable needs to think twice before making any such comment publicly.


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