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Mehwish Hayat Condemns Hatred Against Muslims In India


Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has condemned hatred against Muslims in India for the spread of coronavirus in the country. Attacks and boycotts have escalated in India amid false claims that the Muslim group is to be blamed for the pandemic in India. The actress showed displeasure over the locals’ behavior towards the minority community in a recent tweet.

Several theories are going around about Indians. They are targeting Muslims now and then. Hindu mobs are attacking Muslims and punishing them for spreading the virus. Moreover, the Muslim refugees and the daily wagers are living hand-to-mouth as the country is under strict lockdown.

Hayat took to Twitter to respond to Indian hatred towards the Muslims and said, “When the world is uniting to fight against a common enemy, our neighbors are using this pandemic as a way of spewing further hatred & dividing people. Why do they discriminate when the virus doesn’t? This is Shameful!” she wrote.

She also tagged a story from a leading English newspaper The Guardian, who highlighted Indians’ conspiracy against Muslims.

It is just weeks since Hindu mobs attacked Muslims in religious riots in Delhi. Muslims have now seen their businesses across India boycotted. Volunteers distributing rations are also being called coronavirus terrorists. Many Indians accused Muslims of spitting in food and infecting water supplies with the virus. Posters have appeared barring Muslims from entering certain neighborhoods.

Coronavirus in India

India on Tuesday extended until May 3 a nationwide lockdown, as the number of coronavirus cases crossed 10,000 despite a three-week shutdown. The latest government data showed the number of people infected with coronavirus had reached 10,363, with 339 deaths.

Amid coronavirus breakout in India, the government of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has found another excuse to marginalize the Muslims. A spree of anti-Muslim attacks broke out across India soon after the BJP-led government blamed Tablighi Jamaat as being responsible for a large share of India’s coronavirus cases.

They claim the pandemic is a conspiracy by Muslims to infect and poison Hindus. A few days back, they also came up with a bizarre bio-war claim that claimed that Pakistan is behind the spread of coronavirus in India.

Anyhow, like always India always blames Pakistan or Muslims for their failures. We just want to say live and let live!


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