Mehwish Hayat on Kashmir

Mehwish Hayat Clarifies Why She Chose To Not Speak On Kashmir Issue After Facing Backlash!


‘Beware! Cameras might be recording’ is the new scare of the modern-day. As technology is advancing rapidly, becoming accessible for everyone, it is truly serving the purpose of being a double-edged sword. Anything and everything can be recorded to be used against you; twisting the footages to portray something else entirely.

Mehwish Hayat, one of the successful women from the showbiz industry that have risen to fame representing Pakistan internationally, became the target of ‘secret-recordings’, manipulating the truth.

Mehwish was asked about Kashmiri children at a fund-raising event which she refused to answer.

In the video that has been circulating, the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient can be seen refusing to answer any questions regarding Kashmir.

Considering how sensitive and important the matter is, Pakistanis without knowing the context believed the snippet that was being shown and expressed their disappointment with Mehwish’s response. Since after a tsunami of hate shown to the actress over social media, Mehwish tweeted clarifying the video.

Mehwish clears her stance in the video.

Mehwish Hayat has been vocal on various social issues, much like other Pakistani celebrities. She has talked a great deal about Kashmir and has shunned India on various occasions. In her statement, she talks about not overshadowing the great cause she was there for by speaking about Kashmiris in India.

The Chhalawa actress wanted to focus on raising money for the orphans.

Faisal Kapadia defends her and informs the haters that she has been actively participating and doing her part in speaking for the Kashmiris. She chose to completely dedicate the limelight for another important cause that involves the future of the young children of Pakistan.

Often times, one has to take a step back in order to re-evaluate their judgment that might be too hasty. In the case of Mehwish Hayat being slandered because she chose not to take any questions regarding Kashmir and keep the spotlight on the schools she was raising funds for, was uncalled for.

Truly, the suffering of Kashmiris is nothing to be disregarded but jumping to conclusions because a public-figure chose to not highlight them for once in an event targeted for another important social cause is also nothing to be looked down upon.

Her statement bores mixed reactions.

A person points out the hypocrisy of Pakistanis, how quickly they turn their backs on the same individual they were praising a while ago.

Another comes to Mehwish’s rescue, highlighting her sensible decision on keeping away from the grave issue dedicating every bit of focus over to the charity.

Someone advises her to have rephrased it more precisely, leaving no room for misinterpretation.


All in all, the majority were not happy with Mehwish even after she clarified her position in the snippet that didn’t show the entire truth nor did it translate her good intentions behind the decline. This brings attention to the fact that how simple edits and crops can twist reality. Celebrities need to be extra careful and precise with what they say, especially on sensitive matters like that of IoK.

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