Mehwish Hayat confirms playing Benazir Bhutto in Biopic

Mehwish Hayat Is Gearing Up To Play Benazir Bhutto In Biopic!


The famed actress Mehwish Hayat expanded to new horizons and didn’t limit herself as just an actress. She has become known for being bold in her stances and blunt in her statements.

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Mehwish is a fearless busybody who doesn’t mind setting things straight; like when she received severe backlash from Pakistanis for receiving the highest honor- Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, Mehwish gave a befitting reply, silencing the critics. Similarly, in her interview with BBC Urdu, Hayat addressed her statements against Bollywood movies portraying Pakistanis in a bad light.

Mehwish stands tall over her Bollywood stance in her interview.

Hayat set the record straight that she will not back down from her statements against Bollywood adding more fuel to the already decades-old fire; in addition, influencing a ‘scary-image’ of Pakistan across the globe. In addition to this, she cleared that she will continue to raise her voice against the negative portrayal even if she doesn’t get castes in any of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Mehwish in her own words said, “I’d rather speak the truth and not get cast in their films,” Further, she added, “This is not something that I’ve said right now. I’ve been saying this all along. Maybe because of the current crisis, this has amplified so much. This has been my stance since day one”

Mehwish invites everyone involved in bad portrayal of Pakistanis truly witness the beauty of the land and its people.

“Come and see for yourselves what a peaceful country and what a peace-loving nation we are,” she said, adding, “We are famous for our hospitality around the world.”

At this point, the actress might as well be given the nickname of ‘iron-lady’. Mehwish started to speak up for this cause becoming the first female actor to do so; that too on an international platform as well.

Pakistan’s notorious false picture of a dangerous state has been solidified further by these Indian movies. Sadly, even in current times, Bollywood continues on with the same storylines. This time, it is Shah Rukh Khan with his new anti-Pakistan series, Bard of Blood.

Addressing Tamgha-i-Imtiaz controversy gives a hard-hitting reply for the critics.

Continuing on, Mehwish addressing the backlash and controversy she received after getting bestowed with Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, she said, “The size of your mentality and your mind matters,” adding to this, “Your mind should be big enough to fit both my Tamgha-e-Imtiaz and Billi song.” Billi being the item song she did for Na Maloom Afraad, that offended sentiments of many.

Mehwish is all set to play Benazir Bhutto in a biographical movie.

She is definitely a bright star that won’t be dulling anytime soon. Mehwish was appointed as the goodwill ambassador for girls’ right and now she is all set to play ‘Benazir Bhutto’ in a biopic. She is definitely excited about this new project adding another feather in her cap. She said, “She was the first woman prime minister of Pakistan. That’s such a great thing. People need to see and know more about Benazir,” Further saying that she absolutely loves Benazir.

mehwish playing Benazir Bhutto
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Clearly smitten with late Benazir Bhutto, she goes on to talk about how she is preparing for the heavy role; which is by reading the books and material about her. She said, “The more I read about her, the more I am inspired but I also get sad. We lost a great leader,” 

All in all, Mehwish has great things coming for her. She is raising voices for the right things and causes; uplifting not just Pakistan on a global scale but also empowering Pakistani women.

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