Here's Why It's Important For Every Man To Understand The Difference Between 'Dekhna' And 'Taarna'


Here’s Why It’s Important For Every Man To Understand The Difference Between ‘Dekhna’ And ‘Taarna’


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A few months back, a video went viral in which a female journalist was asking Lahore’s CTO Liaquat Ali about “zalimana’’ staring of police constables. While answering the question, the officer defended and explained the journalist in a professional manner but that video got hype due to the trolling skills of our experienced content creators of social media.

“Thug life” versions of the officer were streaming in about everyone’s news feed. They were funny though but the saddening part is that they faded the question that journalist raised and that question was important. Most of the viewers were deluded by the meme sense of it and the video itself faded away.

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But it made a lot of people think “Kya Dekhna Bhi GunaahHai?” and after searching, I came to a point that nom it’s not a sin to see someone! But yes, until you know the difference between seeing and staring. To elaborate this statement, I must say there is a thing called “being comfortable” and if someone is not comfortable by your “halal” gazing, you would know that very instant and you should stop staring!

Now, some manchild would be thinking “Ye Kaise Pata Chalega Ke Bandi Comfortable Horhe Hai Ya Nahe?”, so my dear fellow “Mard-Hazraat”, just think of yourself dressed in shorts, flip-flop and a t-shirt that reads “Proud to be Nymphomaniac”.

And walking in someone’s valima ceremony with an erected head and twisted mustache, the looks and attention you will be receiving and the way everyone will be staring at you is the way you shouldn’t stare at ladies or the people who dress or walk differently.

Being optimistic, if we see this scenario as a positive perspective, we will find a nudge of hope in there, that it made some people think about the concern that lady had. We are illiterate in this manner and we should be taught, if we are even thinking about it, we are learning and that is worth writing for it.

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