AI Detects Breast Cancer Missed by Human Doctors, Saving Lives

Mia AI Detects Breast Cancer Missed by Human Doctors, Saving Lives


The NHS tested an AI tool, and it discovered subtle breast cancer signs in 11 women that doctors had missed.

The tool, called Mia, looked at the mammograms of over 10,000 women. Most of these women did not have cancer, but Mia successfully flagged all those with symptoms and found 11 more cases that doctors did not see. Early-stage cancers can be very small and hard to spot, but Mia was able to detect them.

Barbara had her tumour caught early by AI

One patient, Barbara, had a small operation and only five days of radiotherapy because Mia discovered her 6mm tumor early. This early detection gave her a much better chance of survival. Barbara was happy with her treatment, especially since it was less invasive than what her sister and mother went through.

Mia works instantly, so it can reduce the waiting time for results from 14 days to just three. Every case that Mia reviewed during the trial also had a human review. The goal is to use the tool to help radiologists, potentially reducing their workload.


Sarah Kerruish, Chief Strategy Officer of Kheiron Medical

The AI tool was trained using millions of mammograms from women all over the world. Dr. Gerald Lip, who led the project, sees Mia as a helpful friend, not a replacement. Mia can help radiologists spend more time with patients and improve care.

Dr Gerald Lip ran the evaluation of the AI tool at NHS Grampian

Although Mia isn’t perfect and can sometimes flag harmless cysts, its potential to improve cancer detection is significant. More research and trials are needed to refine the tool and integrate it into healthcare effectively. The Royal College of Radiologists and Cancer Research UK sees AI as vital for future healthcare improvements.

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