Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Shocking Instagram Posts About His Depression Has Gotten Everyone Worried!


Depression is one of the most undermined incidents of our society, whenever somebody has it, it is always overlooked and thought of as something imaginary.

All these illnesses, that relate to mental health, including depression and anxiety, can never and shall never be overlooked. Just as anyone else, celebrities too are vulnerable to this scourge, and only sometimes do they open up about it.

One of Pakistan’s most loved characters, Mohsin Abbas Haider, who you might remember in the old days from BNN (Banana News Network), carries a bubbly personality and always seems to be happy. His work is always appreciated and many consider him an absolute heartthrob.

However, it seems that Mohsin Abbas Haider, is going through something very serious and very personal. The actor took to his Instagram page and wrote a statement that will leave many hearts shattered.

In the statement, Mohsin Abbas Haider clearly wrote that depression might take his life soon, and he wanted to thank all people who helped cause it. Clearly showcasing that he is struggling and wants for the misery to end.

Ever since his statement came out, people on social media have been writing to him, stating that they are present for him and if he ever needs to talk to somebody and pour his heart out, he could do so.

Many celebrities also took to Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Instagram post, including Osman Khalid Butt, who wrote: “I’m here anytime you need to talk or vent. Stay strong. You are loved!”

Not just this, but Mohsin has been hinting people with his behavior that he is not happy and is struggling. People are combining efforts and pooling messages together for Mohsin, hoping that he would not make any mistake, which the whole country might regret later on.

One of Pakistan’s most talented youngsters ever wrote down his “will” in front of the people on Instagram and with that notion, he has caused serious worries to his fans and family.

Let us, together, try and pray for Mohsin Abbas Haider and even message his personal social media pages, who knows, one message might make a huge difference!

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