Nadia Hussain Got Flaked For Starting The #WokeUpLikeThis Challenge And People Went A Little Too Far


Every now and then, a new trend takes over and everyone loses their mind. From The #IceBucketchallenge to now #WOKEUPTHISWAY challenge.

This challenge began in the west by a pop art blogger, Elaine Dane Shrad a very famous Instagrammer and a live show host at @fashionbylatteshow after Hollywood actresses, Cindy Crawford and Jaime King shared their morning selfies on their Instagram profiles. This inspired her to do the challenge and encourage others to also take part in this.

Life’s not perfect, we’re not perfect, but through social media, we’ve all mastered showing these most “perfect” lives we all portray. So TODAY I’m launching a movement to change the way we see & speak about this!. . Social media has been a beautiful way to connect us around the world, yet statistics have shown how it’s also led to issues of mental wellness as we end up continually comparing ourselves to everyone else’s “highlight reels”—making us believe that we’re the only ones dealing with real life struggles behind the scenes. . So today, I’ve rallied an army of bloggers, actors, doctors, students, parents, & friends to STAND FOR A CHANGE & join me in launching the #WokeUpThisWayChallenge to bring some REALness back to social media by posting what to me, is the most IMperfect pic of ourselves— what we look like when we wake up in the morning. Something we typically wouldn’t post for the world — hence why this is a CHALLENGE. Taking part in my own request, today I’m not posting a pic as Fashionlaine— the girl who’s always chasing rainbows with her black cat-eye winged eyeliner. Instead, I’m posting as Elaine— a real girl who behind every great colorful pic has her own challenges she deals with too. . And now I’m asking YOU to unite & personally take part in this movement by bringing awareness & spreading this much-needed conversation around the world on your own Instagrams. Let’s do this altogether! See below for the rules on how to participate & share: 1️⃣ Post of photo of yourself when you wake up in the morning with the hashtag #WokeUpThisWayChallenge and talk about how you’re spreading the message to bring realness back to social media 2️⃣ Tag 3 (or more!) friends to challenge them next to post a morning photo 3️⃣ Mention in your caption that if people don’t want to participate by posting a photo, instead donate money to @ladygaga’s @btwfoundation which is committed to promoting the wellness of young people and inspiring them to create a kinder, braver world. . Now TAG @mayralobba, @sharonadane, @poisoneyeliner, YOU’RE IT! I nominate you to take on this challenge next! Are YOU brave enough to post what you look like when you wake up in the morning? ?

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This is what she shared on her Instagram and within days this challenge became trending globally. Thanks to Nadia Hussain; she brought this to challenge all the way to Pakistan.

So, basically, all you gotta do is take a selfie first thing in the morning without makeup, filter and hair products, then post your picture on Instagram with the hashtag “WokeUpThisWayChallenge” and nominate a few other people to do this challenge.

Here’s what Nadia Hussain had shared on her Instagram:

#Repost @cindycrawford with @get_repost #WOKEUPTHISWAYchallenge started by @iamfashionlaine — to help support the journey back to realness… No filter, no makeup, no hair product.. I now nominate @mawrellous @mahirahkhan @sajalaly @ayesha.m.omar PLEASE READ BELOW ✨ • • • Social media is a powerful tool where you’re in charge of WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/HOW you want to present yourself to the world. And of course we all want to present perfection – who doesn’t love a good filter?? But why do we think posting our authentic, real self is somehow not ❤️-able enough? It’s time to wake up. Your true YOU is ??????!!! Today I post this pic in favor of #WokeUpThisWayChallenge & bring some realness back to social media. And now I’m asking YOU to be part of this challenge too and bring awareness and spread this much-needed conversation around the world. Let’s unite and do this altogether! . 1️⃣. Post a photo of yourself how you look when you wake up in the morning (no hair done, no makeup, no filter!!) with the hashtag #WokeUpThisWayChallenge and talk about how you’re spreading the message to bring realness back to social media . 2️⃣. Tag 3 (or more!) friends to challenge them next to post a morning photo

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Along with uploading her picture, she further nominated Mawra Hussain, Mahira Khan, Sajal Ali and Ayesha Omar to participate in this challenge.

We were so happy to see Nadia Hussain sharing this with us and encouraging us to appreciate our true natural beauty until a few ladies kicked in with awful and heart-breaking comments…


This is what Nadia Hussain had quoted while sharing these comments on her post:

So pathetic to see!!! Yes it’s true WOMEN PULL DOWN OTHER WOMEN!!! #saynotocyberbullying

However, there were many many girls and guys who had supported her by appreciating her and to ignore all the haters.


One of her fans even got extremely emotional seeing all the hate Nadia was getting and shared how bad she felt. Nadia shared that comment as a post and wrote on how happy she is to see people feeling empowered by such challenges and added that actual beauty is what we are made of in terms of intellect, hard work, personality and positive attitude above all.

???I'm so happy to have given power to the ones who truly felt depressed about their looks!!! Yes looks are only ONE PART of our beauty but actual beauty is what we are made of in terms of intellect, hard work, personality and above all a positive attitude!!! Having been in the beauty industry for almost 2 decades, I can truly say that I've seen BEAUTIFUL stars rise and fall, but what has remained in people's minds are only their inner aura!!! There are no beauty standards!!! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Be true to yourself!! ? this does not mean in any way that I'm going against the use of filters or makeup or whatever!! It's only a small msg to people that yes we are all humans with flaws!! It's OK to live with it and be powerful!!! #nadiahussain #giveinspiration #wokeupthisway #womenpower #ilovemakeup ❤️

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More power to you Nadia Hussain and all the ladies out there who love and support one another no matter how harsh or rude the world is to them. What do you guys think of this challenge? Let us know in the comments down below.

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