Hide It: Need to Rush and Don’t Have the Time to Wash Your Oily Hair?


There are some women out there who can’t afford to wash their hair every day. Why? Because the strong chemicals in shampoos tend to weaken the hair and one can suffer from severe hair fall and also, it removes the natural oils from the hair. Another reason could also be not having enough time in the morning, especially for women who are working. Or… just admit it, maybe you’re too lazy!

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But, we’re here to make your lives easier and simpler! And, we know that there are is a whole lot who want to learn a way out of this mess!

Let’s begin, shall we?

1.  Dry Shampoo

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Dry shampoos are available at a few stores in Pakistan, but not in every store. If you have a big store near your house, do visit and make your lives easier with a dry shampoo!

2. Braid your hair

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Tease your a little and then braid it. The look you’ll achieve is going to be simply beautiful. And yeah, no one’s going to find out about your greasy hair! *wink wink*

3. Use baby powder

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Baby powder absorbs all the oils in your oil plus, it leaves your hair smelling ooh so gooddd!

4. Top Knot

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Trending and the easiest to make! Topknot looks good with every attire! Go ahead and try it!

5. Use a blowdryer and then style your hair

A little blowout won’t hurt ya. Just blast your hair for a minute and tie it up!

6. Twist it up from the front!

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This twist is magical! It is simple and will give a neat look you’d love!!

Try these amazing hacks and see the magic yourself! Oh and don’t forget to share your experience! Just inbox us!

P.S. Don’t share the secrets with your parosan, or else she’ll be at your place for tea every single evening asking you for more tips! You are so going to regret it! So, sshhh…


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