News Anchor Ashfaque Satti Addresses Controversy in Video Message

News Anchor Ashfaque Satti Addresses Controversy in Video Message


Ashfaque Ishaq Satti, a news anchor with over 15 years in the industry, found himself embroiled in controversy after serious allegations of domestic violence emerged from his second wife. The accuser provided evidence through pictures and went ahead to file an FIR against Satti. Despite obtaining pre-arrest bail, public pressure led to his termination from ARY News.

Notably, Satti is a familiar face in the news business and has also entered into a third marriage with his ARY colleague, Zara Ansari. The scandal took a turn when Satti shared his side of the story through colleagues, asserting that he was the one facing physical abuse. He claimed that when attempting to defend himself, his wife sustained injuries.


In response to the public uproar, Satti took to social media with a video message addressing his fans. Expressing deep sadness over his personal issues becoming media fodder, he asserted that he reached this point due to his 17 years of hard work. However, he decried character assassination in the media and accused Rabia Anum of fabricating stories and instigating the public against him and his family. Satti further claimed that Naomika, aware of his second marriage initially, later demanded a divorce from his third wife, Zara.

In a pointed accusation, Satti held Rabia Anum responsible for any harm that might befall his family, alleging that she was personally attacking him without reaching out for his side of the story. The public’s reaction to his video message has been diverse, reflecting the complex nature of the situation.

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