Old man molesting girl

This Old Bearded-Man Molested A Girl On A Bus For 6 Hours, Till She Taught Him A Lesson!


For an average woman, existing outside her home is nothing short of a nightmare. The constant fear of being harassed, ogled at or being groped by a pervert grips them for the most part of their time outside. A lot of them have suffered at least once and are now scarred for their entire life. Sadly, Pakistani men do not even spare minor children from sexual molestation and assault.

A woman traveling alone from Multan to Islamabad was sexually molested by an old man seated behind her.

The old geezer behind her kept stroking her back for the six long hours and because the victim suffered from a herniated disc, her back remained numb keeping her oblivious. However, she quickly caught on the slight sensation she kept feeling at the back, once the man went as far as trying to remove her dupatta and grabbing her body with slight force.

The lady took quick action and started to record that man.

Angry, shaken and violated; she wasted no time and slapped him more than once yelling what he did to her. She definitely gave him a lesson which he will never forget. Enough is enough! It’s high time these men realize that they cannot get away with it. Another point that needs to be made here is that looks and clothing are NOT an indicator of anyone’s purity of character and intentions.

He apologized but for the wrong reasons.

“He kept apologising ( honestly, not for his sickening behavior but to stop her from posting the video on social media). He kept asking her to delete the video.” – Narrated by a friend of the victim. This is the reality of these predators; they’re not scared of the Almighty or ashamed over their heinous actions but if anything that spooks them is being exposed to the world.

Since Pakistani law doesn’t side with the victims, the best way to make sure these perverts are exposed is by naming and shaming them on social media. Hopefully, this old man will be placed behind bars.

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