An Open Letter To All The Fathers And Brothers After Watching The Drama Serial “Yaqeen Ka Safar”


The first thing that hit upon my cranium, right after watching these latest brilliant episodes of ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar’, was to pen down the thoughts that I have been holding on for quite some time now, yet didn’t have the courage to display them to the world or maybe being a dimwit as always seemed pretty much easier, or the thoughts of not having enough people by my side sort of fretted me, to even think of stating the obvious, regarding the situation that’s been prevalent in our society for a decade now, since stuff like these have always been brushed under the carpet right from the get-go!

That said, I won’t be digging into the storyline of the drama and also the main tracks on which it basically is revolving around these days, considering my motive of writing this entire article or to be more appropriate ‘An open letter’ at the moment, hence let’s get into it!


A lot lately I have been witnessing so much questionable or should I say, disturbing scenarios regarding the attitude of male, whether they are fathers or bound in whatever relation with the opposite gender, in our society that I can’t help but feel for the character of Zubiya in the drama. I remember Zubiya, (female protagonist) in the drama being bashed for giving in way too easily and not second guessing anything about the motives of the guy, who in short, was such a sweet talker, that eventually without even putting things into perspectives she just sort of gave in.


But, have you ever wondered why she gave in so easily? Why she acted as such a harlot, that she tried eloping with a guy who she met just a few months back? Did this thought ever cross your brains? It may not have, because generally in such a fast paced dimension, who have time to even think of such things?? Well, worry not because I’ve got plenty of it, and will be fixing the puzzle for you guys!

All her life she saw her father being abusive with her mother doubting her character without even being considerate of the effects it might have on his children, she watched her mother bidding farewell to this world as her father spewed venom on the only person she thought was pure enough to be second guessed.

And, then when ‘the guy’ came in, and gave her the courage to talk her mind, and took her into that Lala land with his sugary words that every girl dreams of and last but not the least, respected her in every way possible (though he was putting on a show) she fell for him, not realizing the cons he might have brought with him.

Source: Youtube

What all the fathers and brothers need to understand is, girls are fragile, their hearts can quite easily be shattered, no matter how firm or unbreakable those girls might seem on the outside, there always are chances that their hearts have now been transformed into a piece of cloth that now has nothing but deep holes inside, thanks to all the despicable behavior their father, brother or husband showed towards them.

Source: Hum TV

Though, they might not question anything you say or may always seem okay busy in doing their work, or not complain about any matter, not even on your behavior, but still, they can get shattered for all the obvious reasons. Here in the drama, Zubiya has been shown as someone who gave in way too fast because she had those holes inside, that to her seemed like a burden that began turning her into a hunchbacked, so, for her having a guy who treats her with enough respect, love and care felt nothing but a breath of fresh air, and also came in quite as a pleasure surprise, that as ill luck would have it, in the end crumpled her heart down and instead of getting those holes fixed she got them even bigger.

The only point of writing this down is to make everyone realize that pushing their sisters or daughters, to the limit where they end up like Zubiya, mistreating their wives in a way that their daughters start building up rage inside them and consider either breaking free or consider committing suicide as their only solution (Yeah! It can push them to this limit too!) would not only crush their souls but also with Karma’s attack, they themselves would be crushed, too, either in this world or in the hereafter. So be careful with what you do, and repent before it’s too late, as for all the right reason what you sow, so shall you reap!

P.S. I can’t thank Farhat Ishtiaq for writing this script for us, it’s definitely a pleasure watching dramas as such where there exist problems that make us question so many wrong things prevalent in the society, and make us think out of the box to solve them!

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