Pakistanis Can’t Get Over This Blogger Who’s A Perfect Doppelganger Of Margery From GoT!


Pakistanis Can’t Get Over This Blogger Who’s A Perfect Doppelganger Of Margaery From GoT!


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Someone just spotted a Margaery’s (from GOT) look-alike and you won’t believe your eyes. This girl has so much resemblance with Natalie Dormer that people almost confused her with Margaery from GOT. Both have some unmatchable beauty of their own and irrespective of being doppelganger they are two separate beauty!

How lucky is this girl? They almost thought she was comparing herself with Natalie Dormer due to the immense resemblance to the GOT beauty. It’s uncanny. She’s so pretty that people just can’t seem to take their eyes off of this girl. Here are a few screenshots of what people commented when they saw her picture.

She really does!!! OMG

Doesn’t she??

And she’s PRETTYYY!!

Legit doppelganger!!

Following the people’s claim for her to be the exact same as Natalie Dormer, somewhat others would be convinced as well. No? Don’t lie! Who knows, she too might get a chance in some play! As luck is turned towards her, this blogger may turn into a famous actress as well. You NEVER KNOW!!

How many of you think the same? Tag your friend who agrees or disagrees to this? Let all the GoT fans know about her and see what they have to say!

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