We Asked Pakistanis About The Biggest Sins They Committed In Ramadan And Allah Maaf Karay!


Humans were never created as perfect beings since perfection is a quality that only Allah SWT possesses. We are bound to make mistakes, we are likely to sin and Islam doesn’t instantly write you off as someone destined to land in hellfire. No matter how far you have gone in your sin(s), true heartfelt repentance and changing yourself for the better is encouraged in Islam; it’s a way to get yourself forgiven from the Almighty and if He wills, your gunahs will also be removed from the book of deeds. A clean slate is the biggest rehmat any Muslims could ask for and Ramadan is the perfect blessed occasion for that.

Muslims Commit Sins During The Month Of Ramadan As Well

Although it is stated in Hadith (Bukhari and Muslim), “When the month of Ramadan begins, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hellfire are closed and the devils are chained.”

Yet we Muslims consciously make the choice to sin out of poor will power and weak emaan in the holiest of months and the bottom line is, no other Muslim has been given the right to judge other for their mistakes. It is only the authority of Allah to pass judgments in this duniya and hereafter. It is solely between the person and his creator. We sent out a question asking what are the sins that you committed in Ramzan and have promised yourself never to repeat that again.

We Were Not Expecting These Answers. Woah!

We did a small survey and people didn’t shy away from responding honestly. Here’s what they had to share with us.

1. ‘Watched Amir Bhai ka show’

Source: Giphy

2. ‘Ended up breaking my fast after pleasuring myself and skipped my prayers’

Source: Giphy

3. ‘Hurt my mother badly in Ramzan, something I would never do again no matter what day it is’


4. ‘Couldn’t help it with my po*n addiction and watched it every night the entire Ramadan’

source: Giphy

5. ‘Casually curse when I talk, even in Ramadan and I want to get rid of this habit’

Source: Giphy

6. ‘I’d break my fast every day in secret and pretend I kept all of them. I plan on fasting properly and with full commitment’


The rest were the usual ‘listening to music’, ‘skipping namaz’ yada yada. We are lucky to be alive this Ramzan; take it as another change and another opportunity to make sincere tauba, gather as many blessings we can by doing good and let’s not take it for granted and improve ourselves. Allah doesn’t expect us to be all goody goody in one day, we have an entire month. Let’s make the most of it. Ramzan Mubarak!

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