Ehd E Wafa

Pakistanis Seem Confused As The Lead Cast Of ‘Ehd E Wafa’ Doesn’t Look Young Enough For College!


Everyone knows how huge of an entertainment industry Pakistan had back in the early ’80s and the famous names it carried are still remembered by the world. That era of classic Television shows and the perfection in producing quality content is somewhere lacking in the current entertainment industry as it is in its revival mode. Still, the makers are putting in sheer efforts in producing unique dramas and films to entertain the masses and the recent hyped series ‘Ehd e Wafa‘ is also one of such fine works.

‘Ehd E Wafa’; a good story but what about the cast?

Undoubtedly, the storyline, production and content creation of Pakistani artists are so on point and that’s the reason the dramas are recognized globally. Well, nearly every Pakistani is familiar with the famous ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ TV show which used get on air on the national TV channel Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) recently, said to be a sequel to the drama ‘Ehd E Wafa’ is running successfully on HUM TV. Till now, the serial is full of SSG’s mischief and a beautiful love story but the viewers don’t seem satisfied with the casting.

30-year-olds as teenage college students? Questions are rising!

The massively acclaimed Pakistani drama series ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ needs no introduction but the expectations of its sequel are not fully fulfilled. As the news of the making of ‘Ehd E Wafa’ went public, Pakistanis were extremely excited for it to finally release and when it did, it was highly praised by the audience. Every new episode of the sequel drops on the weekend and till now two episodes have been released but people are noticing the unusual fit for the cast as they look much older for the role they are playing.

Is ‘Ehd E Wafa’ actually ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’s sequel?

The story of ‘Ehd E Wafa‘ revolves around four young boys and their passion to join the Pakistan Army while facing the societal pressure and balancing their love life. The protagonists of the drama include Osman Khalid Butt, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali and Ahad Raza Mir who are playing the role of college students which they actually aren’t looking like according to the viewers. The Pakistani awaam is now taking it to social media and making people realize the blunder.

‘That’s Shahrukh Khan yar’!

Where’s the cadet discipline bhae?

Another reason, maybe?


That could have happened!

Well, it seems like that ‘Ehd E Wafa’ didn’t make it to the viewers’ expectations in terms of casting but it is doing well with the storyline. Other than such silly mistakes, Pakistan is gauging the world towards its brilliant content and is also winning hearts on international platforms. Making quality content has recently led ‘Laal Kabootar’ to its selection as an official entry for the Oscars to represent Pakistan and hopefully, it will win.

What do you think of ‘Ehd E Wafa’s cast? Tell us in the comments section below!

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