PIA Crash Zara Abid Debate Online

After Plane Crash, Model Zara Abid’s ‘Living Choices’ Have Stirred A Debate Online


There’s no doubt that 2020 is among the worst years this world is experiencing and unfortunately there is still a long time to bear. Speaking of unexpected and extreme incidents, recently, Pakistan incurred a tragic plane crash that has jolted the whole world.

Particularly, the PIA aircraft crashed near Karachi International Airport while landing due to technical failure. Later, when the official list came out, it turned out that several influential personalities were also on board among the 99 passengers. Well, the well-known Pakistani model Zara Abid was also traveling from Lahore to Karachi on the same flight. There’s still speculation regarding her surviving reports.

Zara Abid and the controversial Pakistani awaam

In such struggling times, when the families are constantly busy searching for their dear ones, the nation is boring criticism. Instead of praying for her well-being, Pakistanis are busy thrashing her lifestyle and the choices she makes. Not to mention, many have even landed her in hell because of her surfacing bold photoshoots and the clothes she wears.

PIA Crash Zara Abid Debate Online
Source: The Pigeon Express

As of now, there are no confirmed reports on whether Zara Abid has survived the horrific crash or not but rumors are building up. Unfortunately, Pakistanis have always been more interested in marking others ‘Confirm Jannati‘ and ‘Confirm Jahannumi’ than showing support when needed. This extreme mindset has brutally affected Pakistan over the years and no one knows where to end.

Here’s a prime example of how confidently people distribute tickets to paradise

Soon after the tweet went up, reactions from all corners of Pakistan started to pour in and they weren’t all so negative. While most responses were mindfully posted, some even quoted examples related to the topic. Currently, Twitter is filled with such posts and comments and it is can definitely be a lot for some to process at such harsh rimes.

What about now?

‘Aray logon, tumhara kiya hai? Main janoon, mera Khuda janay’, exactly!

Things people need to understand for real

Appointments were made?

Don’t say anything about others when you don’t know anything about them

Looking over the responses on the mindless tweet, it sure restores a bit of faith in the Pakistani nation who actually thinks. Regarding the plane crash, several world leaders and Diliris Ertugrul actors paid their condolences and love for the victims. Hopefully, the concerned authorities will investigate the matter to its core and implement new strategies for future flights.

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