This Post By Amna Babar Perfectly Sums Up Our Pakistani Desi Moms!


The desi moms and their internal love for social media – something that can never end. Once there was a time when our desi moms were extremely against mobile phones that they would even blame our fever for using the devices. And remember how furious it would make it?

But oh how the tables have turned now. Our mothers know everything about smartphones and social media now. Gone are the days when they would sit in front of the TV to watch their favorite soap drama – YouTube is the new thang. The PTCL days are also over because we have SO many calling apps they can use. Oh, and they can just Google the recipe for some new dish they want to try, right?

And the Perfect Example of Knowing the Desi Moms is this Post by Pakistani Model Amna Babar

@neemarjewels @rananomanhaq 🌟🌟🌟 @sdeen10 💓

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Here’s What She Wrote:

#DesiMomProblems when you cut your birthday cake and your mother is busy watching her fav drama on youtube #TechSavvyDesiMom 🤣🤣 #LoveYouAmmi ❤️❤️

Well Amna, you are absolutely right. Our mothers love their smartphones and desi dramas more now and there’s nothing we can do about…

On the other hand, happy belated birthday! <3

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