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Kainat GulOctober 12, 2018

This ‘Mommy-to-be’ Shares The Cutest Details Of How Her Husband Takes Care Of Her!

The average duration of human gestation is 280 days or 40 weeks and through this article, I want to share ...

Anum ArabOctober 12, 2018

This Daughter’s Heartwarming Anniversary Wish For Her Parents Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Read Today

Dear Ami Abbu, Today is your 39th wedding Anniversary Masha Allah and on this special day, I want to open ...

Samra ShahidSeptember 15, 2018

Here’s Why People Need To Stop Taking Infertility As A Curse And Stop Questioning The Couple

Infertility is not a self-proclaimed disease! According to some studies, about 15% of the world’s couples suffer through infertility, which ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 14, 2018

“My mom called me a prostitute”- Hina Altaf Shares Upsetting Details About Her Childhood

A household without a mother is empty of warmth and love. A mother is always seen as the symbol of ...

Sumbul SaleemSeptember 11, 2018

This Girl Shares An Eye-Opening Truth For Mothers Of Toddlers

So, the schools have been started a month ago and there are alarming bells that can be heard by the ...

Ammar SaleemAugust 16, 2018

Mother’s Milk Is A Divine Gift Of Nature And Here’s What You Need To Know

Mother is responsible for the mental and physical growth of his baby from his first day to maturity. A bond ...

Hamna Waseem CheemaJuly 20, 2018

Sonali Bendre Broke The News Of Cancer To Her Son And His Reaction Was Not What She Had Expected

Sonali Bendre, the beautiful Bollywood diva had revealed about her cancer diagnosis a few weeks ago and left everyone heartbroken. ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 9, 2018

Sania Mirza’s Maternity Photo-Shoot Is Making Rounds On The Internet And We Can See The GLOW!

With all the love a couple starts their new life and enters into a different setting. The new household and ...

Mariam ManzoorJune 29, 2018

My Mother Left Her So-Called Husband For Me And The Sake Of A Better Life

“No!” My mother cried as she stood in front of me. Her hands were spread across me, trying to defend ...

AribaJune 25, 2018

This Pakistani Mother Shares Scary Telltale Signs of Anxiety And Depression In Children We Need To Watch Out For

Anxiety can be problematic and scary for anyone to deal with, but if you add in the rapid changes that ...

AnonymousJune 25, 2018

“I started torturing my child in order to make my husband hate me” – This Girl Narrates How Her Mother Ruined Both Her Marriages

I had always seen my mom getting scold on meaningless things, I used to see my father being vulgar to ...

Syeda Sana ZehraJune 22, 2018

My Mother’s Unexpected Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me A Lesson No Book Could Ever Teach Me

Cancer has mushroomed across the world as fever, it has engulfed millions of lives in just a few years and ...

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