Pregnant Mehreen Syed Fell During Her Walk At A Fashion Show And Managed It Brilliantly!


Pregnant Mehreen Syed Fell During Her Walk At A Fashion Show And Managed It Brilliantly!


Gone are the days when women used to stay at home during pregnancy. The women of 21st century believe in working till their due date and flaunt their baby bumps in style. The time is changing and showing baby bumps have become a trend. Obviously, the trendsetters are our beloved celebrities whom we follow religiously. Earlier, our actresses were used to hide the pregnancy from paparazzi but not anymore! Why should they do so? Their followers love to see the mommies-to-be with their ‘little self’ walking on the ramp!

Although, Kareena Kapoor Khan aka Bebo started this trend of walking on the ramp during pregnancy in B-town when she was expecting with our little heartthrob Taimur Ali Khan. And now, there is a list of celebrities walk on the ramp proudly!

Following the footprints of Bebo, Uroosa Siddiqui flaunted her baby bump too on the ramp. 

And just yesterday, the famous Pakistani model Mehreen Syed walked the ramp too with her baby bump. Mehreen Syed walked for Zainab Chottani at Pakistan Fashion Week 2018 being held in Karachi. She is expecting her second baby but mommy-to-be was glowing in the black and white outfit.

As she came as a showstopper for Zainab Chottani on the ramp, she stumbled a little but she picked up herself so confidently with her timeless grace and smile on the face.

After stumbling on the floor, in a short video message, Mehreen Syed told it is the first time that she slipped on the floor. ‘I was saying to everyone that today I am looking so pretty, Isiliye Nazar Lag Gai‘, Mehreen added. Zainab Chottani felt bad for Mehreen’s fall but Mehreen said that today’s show was amazing and she loved the outfit.

But yes, Mehreen Syed’s fall on the ramp sparked a debate among the keyboard warriors. Some appreciated her for managing herself right after the fall and some criticised Mehreen for coming on the stage in ‘this’ condition.



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