Rabi Pirzada’s Leaked Videos Have Created Social Media Chaos!


Rabi Pirzada is a famous pop singer of Pakistan who launched her career with her first song ‘dahdi kurree’ which became a hit in 2005. After that, Rabi had released several songs such as Mujhe Ishq Hai, jadoo, and many others.

As bubbly as she may seem, Rabi Pirzada has been in the limelight for quite some time now. Well, not for the work she’s done but other stuff. She’s an avid pet lover and is famous for owning exotic pets including snakes! She broke the news of her love for pets on her social media accounts by posting tons of pictures!

Moreover, Pakistanis were furious after they saw her keeping exotic animals such as alligators, snakes, pythons and other reptiles, as they’re prohibited. That sure has been an issue for all the other people who share a similar interest in owning exotic pets.

Rabi Pirzada with her pet snakes. Yikes!

Rabi Pirzada Leaked Videos
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As much as she’s known for being controversial, her insensitive posts on Twitter have truly left her confused. Many users have also reprimanded the Lahore-based singer for using social media irresponsibly and depicting a bad image of her home country to the outside world. And of course, this has happened numerous times, not just once.

In the past, Rabi has also had her Twitter account blocked for a short period of time due to her social media postings. But let’s just say that Rabi has always been under fire for being straightforward and expressing herself a little too much.

Speaking of controversies, Rabi Pirzada has recently become part of another controversy where her personal pictures and videos were leaked. #RabiPirzada has been trending on Twitter and people seem furious! What’s even better is people supporting this singer and blaming it all on the person who chose to this filthy act.

Here’s what’s going on!

We won’t be posting more of her pictures because, at the end of the day, those are personal pictures and videos.

Looking at the other side, there are people claiming the pictures and videos of Rabi Pirzada to be fake and edited, whereas some can’t stop bashing her for such obscene pictures and videos.

But the Twitter users went a little overboard with their comments and tweets!

Absolute garbage!

Some even sympathized with her…

No one deserves this!

Knowing how people can stoop so low is just sad…

Wrong on so many levels!


We, as a society, need to understand and respect others’ privacy and need to stop defaming people by using their personal pictures and videos – in short, invading their privacy. Remember, everyone has personal space. And strict actions should be taken against the person who’s behind this after investigating the matter.

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