Actress Ramsha Khan Finally Revealed Details About Her Wedding And She’s Not Expecting Any Rishtas!


Actress Ramsha Khan Finally Revealed Details About Her Wedding And She’s Not Expecting Any Rishtas!


There’s one star we’ve started seeing more of, and that is the actress who has a very ‘girl next door’ look – Ramsha Khan. She has worked alongside industry veterans on dramas like Wo Aik Pal and Tumhari Maryam. Her social media page describes her as an actor, animal lover and a humanitarian, but even the slightest bit of investigation of this pretty lass will tell you that she is so much more than this!

Starting her career in 2010, Ramsha Khan is making waves and now has become one of the top rated actresses in our entertainment industry! This talented Pakistani actress is currently making headlines with her on-going drama – ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeba.’ Besides her kick-ass acting skills – Khan is also lauded by many because of her versatile personality and chic style which she flaunts all over her Instagram.

Doesn’t she looks like a vision here in a sky blue!

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And here, the actress is rocking in red!

The bubbly and high spirited actress recently spilled the beans about her wedding in an Interview with Nida Yasir and her response is something you’d like to hear if you’re a fan. Her response was, “I DON’T BELIEVE IN ARRANGE MARRIAGES BUT IF MY FAMILY DECIDES ABOUT MY FUTURE THEN I WILL OBVIOUSLY CHECK HIS BACKGROUND. ON THE OTHER HAND, I JUST WANT TO LEAVE MY HOMELAND.”

Here’s her interview in the morning show…

For now, we look forward to her to tying the knot and find her Mr. Perfect!

Usually, all the celebs, especially women are a target of trolls on social media. Whether it’s Sonya Hussyn or Ayesha Omer – women here are just asked to shut up. Sometimes on cigarettes and other on clothing, people don’t hesitate to bombard these celebs with their negativity.

It’s refreshing how seldom celebs are in the limelight for something positive and are appreciated by people. It’s about time we accept the changes in our industry and encourage the people who work hard to entertain us. What do you all think about Ramsha Khalid? She has never talked about her personal life before and revealed anything regarding her choices in men.

Who are a few of your favorite actors who you’d like to seeing tying the knot and do share your feedback and let us know what do you think of this idea of an arranged marriage that Ramsha Khalid talked about in the morning show! Let us know in the comments sections, you guys!


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