WATCH: Rekha Sings ‘Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo’ Leaving Many Mesmerized


Rekha Singing

WATCH: Rekha Sings ‘Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo’ Leaving Many Mesmerized


The famous actress Rekha, whose full name is Bhanurekha Ganesan can sing better than she acts. Yes, many of you might think Rekha is one of the best actresses that Bollywood could ever have, her beauty, her charisma and many more, how could she be a better singer. Indeed, many are saying right, Rekha is an amazing actress with flawless beauty; however, she sings well than she acts.

Recently, a viral video on social media exhibits the skills of Rekha in the field of singing. Her singing surprised many. Her voice struck down many hearts and several become ecstatic after watching Rekha singing like this.

The actress sang, the song  “Aj Janay ki Zidh Na Karo”. While she was singing the song, people were applauding her in the following manners: “Wah wah”, “Oh My God”

Rekha Singing
Source: Twitter

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The actress did a fabulous job. Many on social media are praising her voice.


‘Rekha could easily be a singer’

Many don’t even know that she could sing

‘She is outstanding in every sense of the word’


‘She’s superb in singing’

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