Saheefa Jabbar Khattak Surprises us all with this Exciting News!


Remember Saheefa Jabbar Khattak? The Pakistani female model who received backlash merely because she had short hair? Saheefa’s haircut had made her stand out in the fashion industry and that’s when she was the center of attention. She was bombarded with rude and inappropriate comments which she handled, perfectly. Oh, yes. Saheefa gave a shut up call to all those bullies who were showing hate. But now… she is making the waves!

On the other hand, we have some exciting news to break! This time, gorgeous Saheefa, has surprised all her fans. From distance, we can hear the wedding bells ringing and can smell roses and genday k phool… Any wild guesses? Well, Saheefa, that same model who was bashed for her short hair and for just being her self is ready to tie the knot! Saheefa’s pictures from her rasm-e-mayun were shared on Instagram and we simply couldn’t get over how cute and adorable she looked!

Here’s how she looked! Check out the glowing face and that pyari smile! Ma Shaa Allah!

A beautiful, orange saari on her mayun! We love how she chose to be different!

As happy as she seems, her fans and followers were even HAPPIER! We haven’t seen such an adorable mayun bride in quite a while now and… Saheefa has totally nailed the mayun look!

We can’t wait for the rest of the looks she’s going to rock on the main events! We wish the couple a happy married life. We really can’t wait to find out about her lucky husband to be! Super excited! *winks*

Keep rocking, Saheefa!

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