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Ariba4 days

Noor Bukhari Breaks into Tears and has a Message for all those spreading Rumors about her 5th Marriage

Being a model and actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry is not an easy job. Noor Bukhari, a former model, ...

Ariba1 week

Ahad Raza Mir Just took a Picture with His Mom and Brother and Strangely, People are Overreacting

The heartthrob, Ahad Raza Mir has made the headlines, yet again. But this time, for all the wrong reasons. We ...

Ariba2 weeks

Sadaf Kanwal’s Recent Shoot is Drawing a lot of Criticism BUT She gave the Perfect Answer!

The world is full of surprises! Not a single day goes without the internet entertaining us. Isn’t that true? Well, ...

sarmadali3 weeks

These Jaw-dropping Pictures of Ahad Raza Mir will make you go ‘WHOA’!

Seems like the famous heartthrob Ahad Raza Mir has been missing from the headlines. But that’s okay. He’s back again! ...

Sheza Ashraf1 month

Here are 11 Hidden Facts about the Internet Sensation Fabiha Sherazi!

There is no doubt that a beautiful face can make anyone turn their heads. But being nationals of this country, ...

Ariba1 month

Model Eman Suleman has a Befitting Reply to the Guy who called her a ‘Prostitute’

The entertainment industry in Pakistan is shining with many stars. The way the industry has upped its game over a period ...

Ariba2 months

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak Surprises us all with this Exciting News!

Remember Saheefa Jabbar Khattak? The Pakistani female model who received backlash merely because she had short hair? Saheefa’s haircut had ...

sarmadali2 months

Sonya Hussyn is the Latest Celebrity to Receive Insane Reactions on Her Drastic Transformation

Judging others has now become a trend. Many female celebrities are now being targeted on social media for the way ...

Ariba3 months

Sonya Hussain’s Bold Photo Shoot is Making Pakistanis Lose Their Minds

If you talk about celebrity grooming, Pakistani actress, Sonya Hussain is amongst those many actresses who have shown a drastic ...

Ariba4 months

Actress Komal Aziz Khan Alleges her Landlord of Threatening and Attacking her Family

Famous Pakistani actress and model, Komal Aziz Khan levels serious allegations against her landlord. Komal reached out to Samaa Tv ...

Ariba4 months

Ahad Raza Mir Just Won the Heart of a 5-year-old Boy and People are Loving It

There is no doubt about the fact that famous Pakistan actor and model, Ahad Raza Mir quickly made his way ...

Hira Hyder4 months

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the Birthday Boy Ahad Raza Mir

Let’s admit it, when Salaar from Sami blessed our screens with his adorable locks and ‘knight in shining armor’ aura, ...

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