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Veteran Actress Salma Zafar Opens Up About How Javeria & Saud Scammed Her!


The Pakistani entertainment industry is filled with all sorts of scams, controversies, and scandals. However, the latest Salma Zafar and Javeria Saud story is surely making everyone bite their nails with anxiety. The veteran star had previously taken to social media where she called out Javeria and her husband Saud for holding back her payments.

Salma Zafar opens up about JJS Production scam!

Within minutes the video went viral and many celebrities came to Zafar’s aid. However, now Zafar spills the beans about her video and how she had already warned Javeria about the repercussions beforehand. She adds that if Saud and his wife Javeria had paid her, the due amount, they wouldn’t be stuck in this situation.

While giving an interview, the veteran actress discusses how the couple has been fooling actors and actresses.

As a matter of fact, some of the stars who had also been a part of this scam agreed to the behavior of JJS Production and their arrogance in providing the funds. Simultaneously, previously Javeria had denied the claims and allegations put on her by the senior actress Zafar. She had also mentioned suing Zafar for her alleged false claims.

The controversy between Zafar and Javeria has been ongoing for a long time. It has caused quite a chaos in the entire entertainment industry. What is even worse, some of the journalists are also becoming a victim to JJS production’s rude and unethical behavior. A young journalist also took to social media to mention how Saud’s brother harassed and threatened her.

In the end, we don’t know how this bizarre story will come to an end. But above all, we hope that Zafar and all those celebrities that are being deprived of their rightful dues get paid and the couple, as well as JJS Production, gets their act straight soon!


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