Finally Some Sense Prevails As Big Name Salons Decide To Stay Closed This Eid

These Salons Deserve Applause For Not Opening This Eid – They Know It’s Not Safe


It is good to see some sense prevailing in the citizens of Karachi. As Eid draws near we see locals roaming around with not a care in the world as if COVID-19 is just a fragment of our imagination. Shopping malls and roads meet with crowds of hundreds every day. the hustle-bustle in the markets as early as 9 am, women dragging along their kids into the crowds. all this proves one thing. Jan jaye per Eid ki shopping nahin!

Similarly, we see malls opening, markets not following the given SOPs regarding the deadly virus and now beauty parlors have joined the bandwagon to earn some bucks on the go.

Not only this but many are also offering huge discounts and offers to lure the women out of their safe homes.

Some sense prevailing

Thankfully some sense prevails as two big names in the business have decided to not resume business this eid. Keeping their staff and potential customers out of danger.

Bina Khan, makeup artist and owner of Bina Khan salon, took to Instagram to share her decision and posted;

“Closed because we care!”

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I’ve spoken to my friends and family who are doctors and they have explained that providing normal salon services undeniably comes with some risk. I do not think that anything that goes on in a salon is an essential service so we have decided to keep our doors closed. Since you have responded so beautifully to the invitations to learn a skill in this time, my online classes allow me to stay closed but keep my staff paid and safe, my salon bills paid so it’s waiting there for us when it is safe enough to open again, in compliance with medical advice. I will open for my brides when they come, because I understand that their weddings have been scaled back so hugely that looking like a bride and feeling special is a service that has started to feel more essential than it normally is. I am willing to risk my health for these poor corona brides, whose dream days have been so severely tarnished. But I will go alone and will only ask one staff member to help, taking every precaution known to man while we do so. I am staying shut for you, for me, for my staff and for all of our families and anyone we could infect in our path. But do know as soon as it’s medically advisable we will be open again and we will welcome you with open arms from a 6 foot distance. #staysafe #stayhome ( I’m attaching some articles in my stories that i found informative)

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She further added, “I am staying shut for you, for me, for my staff and for all of our families that we could infect in our path.”

Another big name Natasha Khalid Lakhani of Natasha salon also took the wise decision of keeping her salon’s gate closed during these testing times.

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The standard of decision making is the essence of good governance. We, as a nation, continue to suffer on account of lack of effective leadership. Our concerns are compounded when protectors (such as Courts) weigh economic interests above general welfare of all citizens. All day today, I have wanted to but have been unable to post on social media platforms. I have been most upset & disappointed with the developments that have come about in the last 24 hours or so. I have, hence, been unable to put up any beauty related content without first addressing what feels most important. So this has to be said on my platform, because what’s the point of having a voice if one can’t use it to start discussions that are truly important. We have since yesterday received a barrage of calls asking if we’re open for services for Eid, mostly because the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered ‘resumption of normalcy’. First things first. Nothing is normal or back to normal! We have just been allowed to open shop & remove all Corona related limitations in the midst of a PEAK. This is being done due to enormous economical / social pressures, which have nothing to do with the fact that numbers of COVID 19 affectees are increasing on an hourly basis; that people both young and old, sick and healthy, are dying from it. We already have put extraordinary pressures on our health systems & are ever increasingly encumbering Hospitals & health workers with exponential risks. I understand that shutting shop and sitting at home is impossible, but what is possible is trying to do our best to social distance & stay home until and unless it is ESSENTIAL. If you must shop, do so online. Do not stand outside shops stuck to each other in lines to get that Eid outfit or roam around in malls. If you want to eat food that you’ve been missing, order in. Sanitise boxes containing food ordered, or just, like the rest of us, make that food at home with love & in safety… (Swipe right to read the entire post) #realtalk #hastobesaid #cannotbelievetheignorance #stayhome #covid19 ? by @samo.designer6

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‘I can’t guarantee 100% that someone will not get ill’

In her Instagram post Natasha wrote, “I will not risk my staff, myself, or anyone walking through my doors getting unwell.” “I will not risk opening doors because I can’t guarantee 100% that someone will not get ill.”

It is understandable that such businesses make the most money around Eid. But in such an uncertain situation it is better to bear some loss than be a reason for someone’s demise.

Kudos to both ladies for taking difficult but needed decisions and giving priority to saving lives than making money.

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