Maryam’s visit to Chung Police College and Women's Rights in Pakistan

Maryam’s Visit to Chung Police College and Women’s Rights in Pakistan


Punjab’s Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz was present at the passing out parade of women at Chung Police College. In a police uniform herself Maryam praised all the females passing out. The number of female officers to pass out was 530.

The Chief Minister pointed out how much of a big responsibility it is when in police uniform referring to the responsibilities that the profession brought upon those who are involved in it.

Maryam Nawaz stated “I salute you all. I am happy the first Sword of Honour has been awarded to top a female police officer. I am proud of you.” Maryam further added that the Punjab police force had 7000 female police officers and that there should be more female officers in the police force.

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What does this mean?

Pakistan is a patriarchal society that leaves little room for the female in the society. A statement like this from a female sitting in one of the strongest positions in the country can have a lasting impact on the young girls at home to strive for better.

Pakistan is a multicultural, multiethnic country with the highest illiteracy rate. The absence of education from a significant portion of Pakistan and high praise for traditional customs and values with the rise of few urban centers has resulted in horrific crimes like honors killing and rapes.


The long-term Plan

The long-term plan involves the state not just trying to develop a consensus between the people but between the different ethnicities present education to them, especially about fundamental rights for everyone especially for women.  Establishment of such institutions and infrastructures to support the female in taking an active part in society.

The Short-term Plan

While educating and uplifting females in society will take decades Maryam’s emphasis on increasing the existing number of females to more will help the females in the society to establish trust in the police force. Pakistan is a country with the highest number of crimes especially crimes against women; many cases are never filed- registration of FIR.

Increasing the number of female officers will help establish the trust of females to open up about the injustice happening to them as society feels this particular act is taboo.

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