#ShaadiSeason: Brace Yourself for All the Pakaao Aunties If You’re Still Single


It is the shaadi season and we now have invites for back to back shaadis. Right? It’s all pretty and fancy until some pakaao aunties eye you at the shaadi, from top to bottom. Yes. Top to bottom – analyzing every inch of you (Yes, EVERY inch of you… IFYWIM). And if you’re single, you’re doomed. Unless you know a way out of it.

Here’s all that you’re going to face:

1. A distant, married friend from your childhood comes up to you and asks, “Aur shaadi hogayi?” 

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2. An aunty who’s eyeing you for quite some time, comes up to you and asks, “Beta, aapki ammi kahan hain?” Well, you know what that means…

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3. A table full of aunties just gossiping about girls who are there at the wedding. Yeah it’s better you to put a filter in your ears

Source: Teen

4. And if you’re sitting with them at the table, brace yourself to answer all the trivia questions

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5. Be ready to disclose all your outfit details (but don’t be too honest about it)

Source: Allthingspakistani

6.  Aunties asking what are your future plans are after you’ve told them that you’re done with your studies

Source: Tumblr

7. Asking your mom for her phone number, and you can’t help but give her ‘The Look’

Source: The Daily Touch

8. If you’re wearing a red lip color then get ready to face the criticism … well, because you’re SINGLE.

Source: Pakistan Gif World

9. Also, get ready to be compared to aunty’s friend’s daughter who is the same age as you, married and expecting her 3rd child

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10. Watch out for the suspicious activities of the aunties – Taking your pictures without your consent!

Source: Tenor

These things can really make a girl lose her mind. What if she doesn’t want to get married? What if she has a bright career that she’s looking forward to? There are endless things that can make a girl NOT want to get married.

P.S. Aunties, plis keep your comments to yourself. There is a life other than shaadi as well! 😛

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