Shahid Afridi Says ‘Mind Your Business’ To Those Who Criticized His Parenting And Here We Go Again!


We have seen Shahid Afridi on numerous occasions with his daughters. From coming to the morning shows with him to showing their support for their Boom Boom father, the angelic daughters make a public appearance with Afridi every now and then.

Afridi, on the other hand, has never paid heed to people commenting on his lifestyle. There were a few times when people criticized Afridi for exposing his daughters to the world in such a manner; which is something not appreciated in the Pathan background. Afridi has never bowed down to such statements and neither will he.

However, Afridi shared that he will not allow his four daughters to participate in outdoor sports, resorting to calling himself a “conservative father” by making this statement.

In his Book Called Game Changer, Afridi Shared the Following in the Memoir:

“They (my daughters) have permission to play all the indoor games they want, but my daughters are not going to be competing in public sporting activities. The feminists can say what they want; as a conservative Pakistani father, I’ve made my decision,” he added.

Such statements by Afridi raised a collective outrage on social media with people stating how influential men such as Afridi would rather protect his daughters than to speak against those who conduct wrongful acts such as harassment in the society.

Famous Pakistan Journalist Fifi Haroon Said the Following Over Afridi’s Statement:

“Afridi has 4 daughters. Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara & Aqsa, all forbidden from sports by him Terrible to restrict your daughters from making their own choices, but also disrespectful to our amazing women’s cricket team who has done Pakistan proud globally.” 

Aside from Fifi Haroon, the Independent UK also published an article on the statements of Afridi over allowing his daughters play outdoor sports. The article said the following:

“Pakistan does not forbid women from playing sport and the country has national cricket, football and baseball teams. However, participation in sport by Muslim women is often low.

A 2017 study by Sport England found just 18 per cent of UK Muslim women participate in regular sport, compared to 30 per cent of the UK’s female population as a whole.”

With the outrage against Afridi, he couldn’t stay quiet for long.

Afridi Hits the Criticism With Another Tweet On How People Need to Mind their Business

Afridi talked about what his daughters mean to him and how he will always be there for them. He further added how he has never meddled in anyone’s business and that others should do the same.

“My daughters are very precious to me! My life revolves around them. They all have some ambitions in life and I will support them while guiding them as a responsible father. I don’t judge anyone for what they do or meddle in people’s life. I expect the same too from others. May Allah bless my daughters and daughters/women all over the world! Let people be.”

So what is your take on this?

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