This Pakistani Shoe Brand Is Being Accused of Copying ‘Zara’


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When it comes to shoes every 2 out of 3 girls are Carrie Bradshaw. Well, who doesn’t love a good pair of shoes? and nowadays with Eid just around the corner, every girl is in search for an awe-struck pair of shoes that none of her relatives or friends have ever seen before to go along perfectly with her Eid jora.

‘A woman with good shoes is never ugly.’ – Coco Chanel

After having a good look in the well-known shoe stores of local brands found in every city of Pakistan, when one is still left empty handed in finding an original creative pair, she heads to online stores like @Somaintl exactly as I did around a week ago to find a pair for my Eid jora.

But, a specific pair of silver slides grabbed my attention. After a closer look on that, I realized this looks exactly similar to the pair I purchased for my mother from @Zara around 4 weeks ago. I felt heartbroken that how can an expensive brand & famous brand like @Somaintl do this to its costumers, who pay a hefty price to own a pair of them.

I commented on Soma’s official Insta page about the plagiarism going on between that Zara & Soma slides, & surprisingly I got blocked/removed from the following list of @Somaintl.

Source: Imgur

At this point, things seemed fishy to me, I posted on my Facebook about what happened on Insta, and kudos to them – within mins, I got blocked from Soma’s official Facebook page as well. After this, I started to search for all the Soma shoe designs with a keen eye & to my surprise, I found 10 copied designs of all globally renowned brands.

And I was literally shocked! I was under the impression of some serious originality and creativity, that just shattered immediately. Here are the pictures of Soma’s designs as well as the pictures of original brands from which Soma is stealing.


It is so unsettling to find out that a brand you used to think is providing its costumers with original artwork in shoes was lying to you all this time by stealing all the designs of international brands.

I know imitation is the highest form of flattery, but stealing one’s identity is totally different. No man was ever great by imitation and most importantly, my message to Soma is, “To refrain from imitation is the best revenge”. Always look deeply into what you’re investing in, don’t just pay for a copy pasted product, support original ideas.

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