I am a Girl But I Don’t Want To Be A Beauty Expert, Here’s Why!


Makeup which basically started with enhancing your features, physically, emotionally and especially mentally, to cover up or fix the things a person is insecure about, has transformed into changing lives of many people. Then came an era of bold makeup and heavy contouring, which was appreciated and adopted by a big scale of people but it was quickly followed by criticism.

Our generation that is obsessed with makeup, as you get to see a lot of DIY on social media, so anyone can dap their hands in it and become an expert. We live in the world where you are criticized for wearing too much makeup or not wearing any. I think it’s completely okay for people to never leave the house without it and for people to never wear any amount of it. Although there are women who in the era of heavy contouring, don’t like to have even a touch of makeup on.

The reason follows are…

1. Takes time


…which we don’t always have, especially in the morning, when you aren’t a morning person and you are running late for work or university, then you either make a decision of going late but looking fabulous or being on time and just swearing to not look in the mirror. Then there are those who know their natural beauty is everything and they stay confident in it.

2. It’s expensive!


Not that it wasn’t expensive before but now, you can easily spend your entire college tuition on a palette of just eye-shadow. Or you end up choosing between if you can eat out everyday or save up and buy makeup. You should start keeping jars that would read “makeup needs”, instead of “vacation”.

3. Needs practice


Can’t just be expert on the first try, can’t feel inadequate on the first try either. Everyone has gone through the phase of getting the hype of being into it and then failing at it because it’s just not as you imagine it to be. You either know or you rather put your skills to some other great use. Or you try it and talk yourself out of it.

4. Skin requires high maintenance


Not that you don’t already have to take care of it, along with changing creams with the change of weather, you have to take extra care after you take off your makeup, so that your skin doesn’t get worse. You make appointments in advance at the salon, exfoliate or end up googling about how to take care of your skin after you have applied heavy makeup.

5. Babysitting your makeup

Shape Magazine

As if it’s not already a whole warm-up session when you apply your makeup, you have to worry about it not rubbing off onto anything or anyone, and then reapply it because of weather.


Point is, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and each one of it should have an aesthetic value. One should not bash the other. My hope is that all people learn to love their appearance and see that they are beautiful. Everyone should start understanding wearing makeup (or dying one’s hair) won’t be compulsory, but something each person feels free to choose or refuse.

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