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WATCH: Independence Day Special Dance & Anthem By Srha, Rabya & Shehzad Roy


Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated with great triumph and joy on 14th August. Celebrities and civilians both enjoy the day to the fullest with memories of sacrifice, the joy of freedom, and above all, the love for our beautiful nation Pakistan.

This year, due to COVID-19 many things had to be done under a more restrictive environment; hence why some of our very own celebrities brought the entertainment and the essence of this Independence Day to us.

Srha Asgr and Rabya Kulsoom have grown popular with the passage of time. As a matter of Asghar earned a lot of fame for her outstanding role in the drama serial Pyar ke Sadqey. Apart from her performance on the show, she is also a great dancer.

Here is how she and Rabya joined together to celebrate this year’s independence with a little jam of their own. The vibrant stars danced to their hearts’ content as they delved into the beautiful cultural performance by reviving the sub-cultures of Pakistan.

Not only is the performance of these two extraordinary, but it makes even us bounce our way into a routine; while we watch the video.

Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself!

Mindblowing isn’t it?

Shehzad Roy leaves us in awe with his soulful vocals!

If that wasn’t inspiring and sensational enough; we have one more thing in the store for you and trust us this will surely leave you feeling the independence day vibes hitting full force, and a sense of patriotism reawakened.

Pakistani singer Shehzad Roy sang the national anthem of Pakistan while wearing a mask – to pay tribute not only to Pakistan but to the doctors, survivors, and patients suffering from COVID-19! And wow! It is breathtaking.

The national anthem of Pakistan within itself comprises of such notes and melodies that leave the heart in a tune of utter patriotism and love for our nation. It is like Hafeez Jalandhari composed it by melding the sacrifices and the hardships and struggle together in the anthem to remind us of how Pakistan came into being.

We are completely in love with how Srha, Rabya, and Shehzad Roy put up this magically soulful performance for us and we wish them all the best and a lot of warm wishes for this Independence Day 2020!


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