Summaiya Baloch Boxer

Summaiya Baloch – A Karachi Based Boxer Breaking Gender Stereotypes!


Gender Equality Is A Human Fight, Not A Female Fight“, validates Karachi hailed boxer, Summaiya Baloch.

Pakistan now hosts a patriarchal society. Where women are considered to be inferior and men are contemplated to be the primary authority figures.

Summaiya Baloch Boxer
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Bearing With All The Discrimination!

Gender is one of the organizing principles of Pakistani society. The role of Pakistani women as producers and providers in society is majorly negated. Even with skills like driving, gender discrimination is highly seen. However, despite all the fuss, a 24-year-old woman disregards all these stereotypes.

Moreover, the boxer unfolds her inspirational story at the National Women’s Day 2020 event held in the city on Wednesday. The National Women Day which is celebrated on February 12th, without a doubt is taken for celebrating accomplishments of women from all around Pakistan. Moreover, women from all working sectors, rejoice to celebrate their accomplishments.

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What made Summaiya interested in boxing?

Summaiya told the media that she was raised in a very humble yet poor family. Due to the patriarchal mindset, her family had married her off at a very young age. She added: “I also got divorced at a very young age.” However, in spite of regretting about the divorce. She decided to stand on her feet by persuing the only interest of her life, boxing. Summaiya added that she was fortunate enough to garner all the support from her family. Her family supported her through her decision, which aided her to follow her footsteps in the world of boxing.

However, she also told the media about the criticism she received from society. She added: “People tell me that I am too old (for sports), but I continue boxing.” Furthermore, she added that she encountered most of the criticism from her Baloch community, with the discriminating mindset that girls are not allowed to box, and only boys can do so.

Summaiya Baloch Boxer
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Shutting all Gender Stereotypes!

Despite all the conditions she had been through, Summaiyah told the media that she never decided to lose heart in life. “I did a number of jobs side by side to keep myself afloat and to show those who caused damage in my life [that I did not need them],” she said. She shed light on the fact that people’s comments about her boxing interest had a profound effect on her mental health. But, even with all the negative, she decided to channel all the anger she had regarding these people into adamantine work.

I went to Dubai and participated in international games over there,” Summaiya said. Nonetheless, she continued doing boxing practices. And those practices didn’t go futile for her, as she went on fighting several matches until she evolved into an international boxer.”I went to Dubai and participated in international games over there,” she added.

Last but not least, she addresses the young girls out there, to not lose hope anyhow. Moreover, the girls who want to become professional boxers should chase their dreams and work hard despite gender stereotypes.

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