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Syra Yousuf Opens Up About Life After Divorce With Shahroz Sabzwari


Actress Syra Yousuf has appeared in an interview for the first time after her divorce with Shahroze Sabzwari. In an Instagram live session with HSY, she opened up about her life after divorce and how she is keeping up with the change.

However, without mentioning Shahroz in the entire interview, she indirectly discussed about how she is coping up with the divorce. She also said that she is now investing more time on herself and her daughter Nooreh.

The recent situation has also taught her who are her well-wishers. She believes that she has very few well-wishers who actually stand by her. “I can literally count them on my fingertips. It’s not normal to have so many best friends. You are meant to be surrounded by a few people who actually support you”.

Without taking Shahroz’s name, she hinted that people left her when she wanted them the most. “It’s very strange when it comes to sticking around people run away,” she said.

Syra nowadays is spending more time reading, thinking and reflecting upon her life.

She also at one point indirectly blamed Shahroz for the divorce when she said that she has learned not to blame her self for everything. “I have been trying to understand myself a lot. There are things that I discovered about myself. I think I am going to move forward with knowing that people’s action towards me is nothing to do with me. It is all about them and what they believe in. I am not responsible for what’s going in their head. I don’t have to feel bad about it or take offence about it,” she said.

Well, we got you girl!

Though, the actress looked quite confident and happy about her life but with all her thoughts she is definitely broken from inside.

Syra and Shahroz divorce

Social Media was left in absolute shock when the news was out that the much-in-love couple Syra and Shahroz are no longer together. What came as an even bigger shock was the speculations that Shahroz was involved with another woman.

Social media believes that this other woman is none other than the top model Sadaf Kanwal. Many people believe that Shahroz had cheated on his wife with Sadaf and thus Syra left him. The two are also seen together very often these days.

A few days back, Syra celebrated her 32nd birthday with close friends and family while Shahroz was seen cycling with Sadaf. After the divorce, they have been in a constant cold war especially after Shahroz moved on too quickly. Syra also posted a cryptic message on Instagram which people assumed hinted towards her ex-husband.


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