To My Ex-Girlfriend – “You May Have Broken Me, But You’ve Made Me Realize My Worth! Thank You!”


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I was always a dreamer, so I started dreaming of a life with you. My life was full of good friends, acquaintances, my beloved family, but I chose you. I wanted to be outgoing like my friends, but I decided you were worth neglecting everything for. You may have broken me, but you’ve made me realize my worth, thank you.

From the day we went into the relationship, to the day you destroyed my heart, I remained a one-woman guy. Did you not tell me to leave all my female friends because somewhere in the way they might fall for me? I won’t be biased saying that I didn’t make you cut your guy friends out, but that’s what we decided, wasn’t it?

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From the long drives after I picked you up from your house, the drive-thru at McDonald’s, eating all sorts of crap and feeling happy… you just had to take it all away, right? Was I not good enough for you? But you always said I was more than what you deserved. Evidently, that is the case.

I took all your taunts, everything you could throw my way, all the dirt-slinging and false accusations. You know why? Because I was madly in love with you. I loved you more than anyone will ever be able to. Not even the guy you’re dating right now, Hunny.

You used to target my family members on the longest of calls we had, and I would just laugh, thinking you meant no harm to me or anyone else. But those weren’t just funny moments for you… that was my reality in your eyes, of a having a dysfunctional family.

But I covered all your mistakes… when I caught you messaging that guy on some stupid social application. When you were feeling ‘claustrophobic’ because I used to give you too much attention. Weren’t we in this for the same?

In the 4 years of our extensive, apparently love-struck relationship, you begged me to stay with you several times, and it wasn’t difficult for me to leave, but that face of yours never let me.


So what happened? Why did you forget all the promises, all the compromises, all that could have been? Was it because he had a better car? Came from a richer family? I wasn’t wearing old clothes or begging on the street either, Alhamdolillah, I have everything. Then why did you break my heart?

Well, 6 months later, all I can say is the best thing that ever happened to me, just as you were the worst. I finally feel comfortable in everything I do. I feel comfortable in breathing. I enjoy spending time with my family and going out with my friends.

Thank you for doing me wrong, Hunny. Thank you for making me realize my worth, my potential and most of all, let me breathe the air I deserved to without your toxicity. You may have broken me, but I feel stronger than ever. Touche.

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