These 2 Girls Tried the Charcoal Peel-Off Mask and the Results Were…


Putting on face masks has now become more of a trend than just taking care of your skin. So many girls are now trying out different face masks that are now being introduced in the market. Well, let’s just be honest. Applying face masks and then removing them is actually a lot of fun -Especially the peel-off masks! Oh, boy, the satisfaction, IF applied perfectly!

Soooo.. our two team members, Ariba and Anmol tried the peel-off mask too! They tried the Black bamboo carbon charcoal peel-off mask by Beauty Purify. On the packaging, it said that the mask will help remove all impurities encrusted in the most sensitive areas of the face (nose, chin, and forehead). And the best bit was that it was for ALL SKIN TYPES. Oh, yes! Let’s start, shall we?

Here’s the mask!

These 2 girls are trying something different ? #mask #parhlopink #funny #girls

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The application!

Okay, so the application process was a tad bit messy. The consistency of the mask was viscous but once it was on the fingers, it was bit runny… Yeah, it was dripping. Lol. Ariba got some on her jeans as well. Also, since Anmol was experiencing some acne on her forehead, she chose not to apply it there. She certainly did not want to risk it. Skin ka mazak nahi! The girls even decided to have some fun by making a paper fan and letting it dry for 15-20 mins. Those minutes were the longesttt!

Reading more about the peel-off mask, it had sooooo many benefits! The first one was removing all your nasty blackheads. If used regularly, this black peel-off mask cleanses the pores in depth and restores all the glow back on your face. That’s what we all look forward to, right?


It was the best bit!! Check it out!

Here’s the complete video of what went down. Let us tell you, it was hilarious!

DIY with Ariba – Episode 27: OMG! We're try the PEEL-OFF CHARCOAL MASK! Yikes!

DIY with Ariba – Episode 27: OMG! We're trying the PEEL-OFF CHARCOAL MASK! Yikes!

Posted by Parhlo Pink on Thursday, 22 February 2018

Our verdict?

Ah-mazing!! Although they were a bit impatient, however, the girls somehow waited it out. Thanks to Azfar as well who joined in near the end and gave the girls a good laugh! Yeah, many asked them not to laugh while they had the mask on as it would’ve caused wrinkles. But, it’s okay for once. No?

Well, what do you think of the mask? How many of you have actually tried it? Let us know in the comments below!

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