This Guy Believes That This Pakistani Blogger Looks Like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato And Emilia Clarke And Umm…


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Everyone knows Pakistan has the most beautiful people around the globe and get irresistible appraisals for it. We got you covered with another gem whose smile can take away any heart, presenting you Mehreen Fay– the Pakistani girl who looks like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Emilia Clarkealtogether. Pakistani Beauty scale – unmatched.

Mehreen Fay, 21, a positive influencer having around 6.5K followers on Instagram gets followed for not only for her words and vibes but also for her looks – all of her fans think that she looks like many of Hollywood stars especially Selena Gomez and seemingly a proof of Pakistanis being the most beautiful nation around the world.

This girl never forgets to amaze us and how stylish Pakistani girls can be. Mehreen has a lot of Indian and American fans and many resemble her to American celebs. When Mehreen was asked how she feels about this, she replied, “I get many and many comments and DMs on how much I look like a certain celeb but I really can’t tell if its true or not but I like the OMGs haha”.

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When I was a kid I used to look up to all these beautiful women who always looked so happy and confident. I always thought being doubtful, aimless, hopeless and changing your goals were the worst characteristics of a human being. Hopeful hony ka kabi kabi ye alam ha k ak din k bad I feel out of breath and asking myself, kab hoga akhir ye dream pura aur hopeless hony ka ye alam ha k kabi kabi I don't get out of it. Sab k goals different hain sab k aims is baat ka saboot ha that we all are never equal nor same and our achievements can never be measured in the same parameters. Jab bhi ap hopeless hon, you feel out of breath and you say to yourself "I can't do this anymore, this is pointless and I'm so done" tu apko pta hona chaye, YOU ARE NOT IN COMPETITION WITH ANYONE IN THIS WORLD BUT YOURSELF ONLY ? Do it for yourself and only yourself, your competition is only with you. Tell yourself how strong willed you are, how beautifully programmed we are for success. It won't might happen in a day, not in a month nor in some years but if you stay consistent and challenging yourself to be your best version. This is definitely the ultimate goal ? Earrings by @ninelines9 Shot by @ayar_khan #influencer #selfie #positivevibes #fashion #love #positivethinking #fashionblogger #selfies #blogger #selflove #positivequotes #influencers #instagood #positivevibesonly #influence #follow #positive #influencermarketing #selfcare #quotes #ootd #me #motivation #blogger_de #life #positiveenergy #self #positivity #fashionista #photooftheday

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Mehreen says she’s currently a business student and in the last year. She has plans to keep on influencing people on Instagram, “I personally feel Instagram is a powerful platform to raise your voice and just be your unique self”.When asked what’s her favorite feature, she replied, “My favorite feature is always my one-sided dimple and my smile. I promote happiness and because I strongly believe the smile is a contiguous thing, I make sure I spend the major part of my time smiling”.

See it for yourself on her Instagram and comment down below who do you think Mehreen resembles most with?

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