This Pakistani Jawan Hurt a Little Child Inside his School And he Proves Black Sheep Are Everywhere!


There are many in this world who abuse their power in a wrongful manner and this upcoming story we are about to tell you is the same. Have you ever heard a grown man beating a child (not of his own) because the kid got into a fight with his child? This is what Pakistan army jawan Major Arbab did.

According To Various Posts Circulating On Social Media, Major Arbab Beat a Kid In School Over a Fight

Sources reveal that Major Arbab’s son got into a childish fight with Dr. Atif Faheem’s son; both kids who study in grade 3 of a private school located in Dikhan. The allegations made on Major Arbab reveal that the army official went to the school of his son, where he started beating Hassan in the school playground. Not a single worker from the school came forward to save Hassan from the brutal beating of Major Arbab.

Here’s Hassan After Being Beaten By Major Arbab

All of this over a fight between two children? This is alarming.

According to Hassan, Major Arbab Beat him Enough that he Started Bleeding In the School Ground

Moreover, the child also revealed that Major Arbab’s wife abused Hassan’s mother and father. People on the internet are demanding justice and accountability over the actions of Major Arbab:

How can a school allow someone to beat up someone else child like this? Is it because the culprit is a serving major so he can just walk into school & manhandle someone else child, involved in a brawl with his son, while the school looks away?

Here’s the video of Hassan narrating the incident:

Pakistanis Wish that the Forces Hold Major Arbab Accountable for this Despicable Act


Army is there to protect the civilians but in this case, the opposite happened. Let’s hope that we find the truth behind this story and the army takes actions against whoever breached basic human rights here.

On the other hand, you are a brave kid, Hassan!

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