This Woman Was Bullied For Being Overweight and What She Did Next Is Extremely Motivational!


This Woman Was Bullied For Being Overweight and What She Did Next Is Extremely Motivational!


Being overweight, as much as of a pressure it is on your own health and sanity, it also makes you insecure, given how people start picking up on you because of your appearance. An overweight/obese person, who cares about their wellbeing is well aware of the consequences being unfit can lead to. However, at times due to health concerns, time management, and various other hurdles, people cannot put in the extra efforts it requires to make a change in your life.

Some people, dare to beat themselves and everyone else who mocked them and this girl’s MASSIVE transformation is a proof of it!

Meet Arpita Agarwal – the 20-Year-Old Who Lost 93 Pounds in 6 Months!

Arpita was bullied on numerous points in her life because of her weight.


In an Interview with Times of India, Arpita Said the Following:

“I couldn’t even walk properly because of my weight. I couldn’t fit in my own clothes and got embarrassed when the shopkeepers would say that my size was not available.”

“When I reached my highest weight, which was 96 kilograms. I was often bullied for my weight and the constant taunts got to me,” 

To realize everything happening regarding the lowest point in her life, she said, “we are our worst critics as we tend to over analyze ourselves and get discouraged when we don’t see the results that we are hoping for.”

“You can choose to continue to hate your body, to put yourself down, and to sit around waiting for miracles. But miracles will not happen if you don’t work for them. Weight loss is a journey which requires effort.”


Her Secret Diet?

Arpita shared that when she joined the gym, she made changes to her diet which included removing junk and fast food completely. She now feasts on buttermilk, oats, bread and peanut butter and for meals, she has brown rice, dahi, soup, dal, chapati, and buttermilk.

For a Motivational Tip, Arpita Shared the Following:

“Every time you lose focus or motivation you need to think of the struggles you’ve faced before as well as where you dream of being down the line. I remember how much being overweight affected my health. It was a task to walk, to find clothes of my size and to do everyday jobs with ease, to ensure she doesn’t lose focus.”

This is some amazing transformation and Arpita surely gave an answer to all the bullies who made her think it was impossible for her to lose weight!

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