To Look Flawless and Beautiful This Eid, Here’s What You Need To Remember!


Remember the time when Eid used to be beautiful in winters and we could experiment different outfits from chiffon to silk? Maybe all the 90’s kid can relate to this. All our childhood, we spent thinking that okay, winters come with a lot of festivities which includes two bari Eid and a hell lot of shadiyaan. But all this happiness shattered when we grew up and in our mid-teens, we realized that RAMZAN COMES IN SUMMERS TOO! Damn! That was when the cold reality of life hit all the 90’s kid! You can no more wear gotay and zari work clothes, no more heavy silk gowns, heavy makeup, and heavy jewelry! Sigh!

So, here are some tried and tested ways to get your Eid look perfect and flawless.

1. Dress Colours

Since, this time Ramzan and Eid are on the peak days of summers, how about choosing the colors like from pastels for your Eid dress? All the marine and cool colors, whites and light torques, some shades of light pinks? Maybe get a kurti to pair with a cotton white shalwar. Nice, right?

2. Footwear

If we were to decide the Eid footwear keeping the summers in mind, how about going for some flowery open sandals or rather for some kolapuri? And pair it with shalwar kameez? No?

3. Hairstyles

We have often seen girls making heavy hairstyles and at the end of the day, all they do is tie up it in a bun and go with it. How about making a hairstyle that is easy to carry all day. Maybe making some beachy waves or a Victorian hair bun can help style the whole look.

4. Makeup

It is not important to always go with light makeup in summers. If someone can carry a whole makeup look with some bomb fixing spray, then you go, girl!!! But if someone chooses to stay a bit subtle on the makeup and get a airbrush feeling, then go for light coverage foundation or a BB/CC cream. Go light on the contouring and highlighting and just bring those sunglasses on and baaaam!

Voilaa! Yes, yes we know many of you would second us on this. Just try these few tips on and let us know how it felt. Don’t forget to take loads and loads of selfies!

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