Pakistani Trolls Are Calling Sohai Ali Abro 'Behaya' After Her Latest Photoshoot Goes Viral!


Sohai Ali Abro Latest Photoshoot

Pakistani Trolls Are Calling Sohai Ali Abro ‘Behaya’ After Her Latest Photoshoot Goes Viral!


Getting under the criticism spotlight is what becomes normal when someone enters the show business industry. Time to time, the Pakistani awaam is seen bashing some celebrity on social platforms because of their liberal showcasing. Be it in any film, drama or photoshoot, when it comes to clothing, the desi ‘gairat brigade’ spares no one and the internet is filled with fiery hate speech.

Sohail Ali Abro savagely thrashed on her recent photoshoot for a well-known designer!

Apparently, the double standards of the nation and the bigotry attitude towards other people’s choices don’t go along but still, Pakistanis are always standing upfront in criticizing someone. Some time back, Pakistanis were caught teaching model Sadaf Kanwal how to wear appropriate clothes and it wasn’t the first time. This time, the target is actress Sohai Ali Abro and the brown cultured humans of a pure desi household have spread their wings to annihilate her on the ‘broadminded’ attires.

‘Head covered in a scarf’ has triggered many criticism channels and the ugly comments are pouring in!

A white shirt with a dark green scarf on top sure looked elegant on Sohail Ali Abro but the odd mix and match have sure taken the masses to a ‘hijabi’ trip. Leaping over to the fact that it isn’t the first time some well-known personality has been objectified on her clothing sense and definitely it won’t be the last either. Because of the negative hype created on social media, more pictures from the exquisite shoot are being circulated on the web catching a lot more eyeballs.

The actress did this photoshoot for the famous Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan and the vague styling and attitude posture is an absolute carriage of beauty with brains!

All Pakistan Drama Page/Facebook

Laced with golden colored beads, the long white net bottomed shirt went well with Sohai Ali Abro’s tensed mood!


Sheerly focused on a novel wearing a green scarf with red and white stripes seems like a good combination!


Sun-kissed or trying to stay under the heated spotlight?

Just have a look at the graceful starry shirt!

Hair in the air, waiting for the right shot!


Maybe Sohai is displaying the intense obsession of humans with mobile phones these days!

Enjoying the mood, slaying the route!

Last year, Sohai Ali Abro’s widely acclaimed film ‘Motorcycle Girl’ was screened in Stanford University, USA and Pakistanis were proud. Motorcycle girl was a hit in Pakistan as well and the awesome reviews even made Sohai’s achievement much exciting. Well, this year, the awaam is being hilariously angry on the actress’ bold photoshoot and the comments made are equally balanced.

This user is comparing Sohai’s photoshoot with her drama character. LOL!

All Pakistan Drama Page/Facebook

Comparing the Sohai Ali Abro with an adult film star tells a lot about this person’s mindset!

All Pakistan Drama Page/Facebook


All Pakistan Drama Page/Facebook

Aap ne uchaltay huay dekhi thi?

All Pakistan Drama Page/Facebook

Oh My God! US Agent Ali Xeeshan has taken over the fashion industry. Scared!

All Pakistan Drama Page/Facebook

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