Ukhano and Afrah Asif Case

Girl That Made Allegations On Ukhano Now Says Her FB Was Hacked!


Under the pretense of the #metoo movement, several celebrities and renown personalities were accused of sexual misconduct and harassment, this year. Major names were ‘exposed’ by multiple women and the line between harassment and consensual conversation blurred. In addition, the fiasco led to a debate on social media; that whether they were genuine cases or just a scheme for revenge.

Nonetheless, the possibility of some accusations to be true was always there. However, whether they were proven to be so, is an entirely different story. Among various targets was a familiar and quite famous social media personality, Ukhano. Several women came forth with screenshots of their private conversations with the 28-year-old vlogger, this July. The news came as a shock to many while some hinted of knowing Ukhano’s history as a habitual harasser.

Ukhano and Afrah Asif
Via Express Tribune

Ukhano’s response and action.

What followed next, was Ukhano coming forth with statements clarifying his position and deeming the accusations to be a planned scheme.  Moreover, Ukhano diving deep into the mess revealed a few names of the fake profiles that he alleged to be behind all of this. Further, among the names revealed was of Afrah Asif.

The FIR lodged by Ukhano read, “Consequent upon inquiry, FIA registered the complaint of Mr Umar Khan wherein he alleged that a lady named Dua Asif, alias, Afrah Asif, Karachi, has started a defamatory campaign against him through her facebook profile, namely Afrah Asif”

Of course, not everyone was sold on Ukhano’s response to the allegations, since many women posted images with proofs that were hard to miss. However, recently, this case took a different turn when one of the ladies posted a statement months after Umar Khan was supposedly exposed. Afrah Asif or the account that was impersonating her alleged that Ukhano tried to rape her. Hence, this new development comes as a shock to many.

Afrah Asif Facebook Account
Via Diva Magazine

Afrah Asif comes forward with a statement, saying someone else made those allegations on Ukhano.

Afrah Asif says her account was hacked
Via Diva Magazine

This doesn’t appeal to vlogger’s supporters and they are demanding strict action against her.

However, others brought light onto the sick mentality of most of the men who would raise their voices on matters concerning ‘false-accusations’ but wouldn’t bat an eye while abusing a woman. Irony!

All in all, many believed that the lady was forced into backtracking from her statements. Moreover, pressured by the accused. Whatever may be the real case here, the Pakistani entertainment industry be it mainstream or otherwise, is facing a severe problem. One that needs to be addressed properly and through unbiased channels.

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