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Ushna Shah Admits Her ‘Naive’ Attitude Towards The Pizza Delivery Boy!


With time, the Pakistani entertainment industry is experiencing an evident boom providing the masses with amazing content. Apparently, in this revival mode of the country’s show business area, the associates are playing their part well. As a human, everyone wears their own attitude but the recent pizza fiasco created by actress Ushna Shah is facing sheer criticism. Later, she then took to Twitter to defend her naive attitude towards the pizza delivery boy but it got ugly.

Actress Ushna Shah is being called out for her degrading remarks to a pizza delivery guy!

The actresses’ top-notch performance in the drama serial ‘Badla’ got her many new fans worldwide. Last year, Ushna Shah’s traumatizing encounter at a local airport was an upsetting one. Time to time, several celebrities are seen treating their admirers with generosity but the actresses’ recent naive act got her in hot waters, yet again. After making sexist remarks on pizza delivery boy, Ushna Shah finally admitted her naive attitude towards the pizza delivery boy.

Elaborating the ‘be a man’ angle further, Ushna Shah recently took to Twitter and explained the whole incident!

The concluding note was posted separately!

Starting off with the male dominancy and patriarchy angle, Ushna Shah posted screenshots of concerned notes on her official Twitter. As per the screenshots uploaded, the actress doesn’t condone using the “be a man” card. Even after pissing many off, the actress doesn’t seem to be losing her egoistic hold on the matter. Indeed, the responses on her tweet are way more negative but Pakistanis sure know how to school someone.

Till when will this nation have to deal with dogs?

A ‘sorry’ would help!

That’s extreme!

What’s all that ego for?

Well, it can be expected!

What actually happened!

Digging the past; it all started when Ushna Shah ordered pizza at midnight earlier this week. As per the narrative, the pizza delivery guy arrived at the actresses’ place around 2:30 am. Ushna Shah while holding her pet Pitbull, opened the door for the pizza guy. The unexpected sighting of the dog scared the delivery boy and he refused to enter the house.

Seeing the delivery boy frightened to the core, the actress started making sexist remarks on him. According to Ushna Shah’s tweet, she used phrases like “mard banein” and “aap ek chaar saal ki bachi nahin hain.” After hearing such downgrading words, the pizza delivery guy somehow managed to keep the order in the house and left. Apparently, Ushna Shah then shared the fiasco on her official Twitter making the internet frenzy extremely pissed.

She wrote, “‘Mard Banein’, ‘aap chaar saal ki bachi nahee hain’, ‘mardaangi peida karein’ – some of the sexist & demeaning things I said to my 2:30 am pizza delivery guy to convince him to bring pizza inside as I held my barking & growling Pitbull back.”

Further, she added, “Little did he know if he had simply come in calmly and had I let her go she would have just sniffed and given him kisses” followed by relatable hashtags!

Moreover, the actress posted two additional tweets regarding the matter but the digital audience doesn’t seem to buy it.

“To everybody crying about my rant to the pizza guy. I was holding the dog. He refused to come in. The first ten minutes of ‘mera waada hei kuch nahi hota’, meina pakra hua hei issey please guzar jayein’, ‘bahadur baneyin shahbash’ didn’t work!

Continuing her narrative, she further tweeted, “None of the encouragement worked. But as soon as his masculinity was challenged my pizza was inside. Says more about society then it does me.”

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